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Xenon: The Schizophrenic WIP

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Xenon: The Schizophrenic WIP

Post by Xenon on Thu Nov 27, 2014 4:08 pm

-Picture will be added here-

Human Form

Name- Xenon

Gender- Male ♂

Age- 24 years

Occupation- Eliminator

Weapon- wip

Skin Color- Caucasion

Hair Color- Black with purple streaks

Eye Color- Unknown

Clothing- wip

Personality- Xenon is a tad bit insane. This is due to the fact that he developed schizophrenia at a young age (A disorder when one does not interpret reality from fantasy). He has never gotten help for this disorder in his childhood, thus today, Xenon has severe side effects that were never corrected or treated with medications. Some of these effects will include talking to voices inside his head, hallucinations, repetitive movements, delusions, abnormal motor behavior, and disorganized speech or thinking. Even so, Xenon is not a violent man, at least to his family (the eliminators). While unpredictable and prone to random outbursts, he has never hurt anyone (just poor random objects). He is mostly a happy man that loves to play and be around his friends. It may be hard to understand him, however.

Likes- Talking with the voices, being taken care of, playing, being close to others

Dislikes- Having his mind controlled, being plotted against, electronics, being yelled at

History- wip

-Picture will be added here-
-Picture will be added here-

Animal Form

Fursona- Brown long-eared bat

Colors- Purple, blue, black, and magenta


Echo Location- Detecting objects by reflected sound. Their frequencies are between 25 and 50 kHz, which are very quiet.

Flight- Their broad wings and tail allow slow, highly manoeuvrable, hovering flight.

Hearing- So acute that they can home in on prey by listening for the sounds made by the insect as it moves around; they can also hunt by sight.

Gleaning- Unlike other species of bats, the Brown long-eared bat turns of its echolocation as it nears prey and then relies solely on hearing. They do not pick insects out of the sky, but sneak up on insects before plucking them off an object such as a leaf or branch.

-Picture will be added here-


Name- Opal

Gender- Female

Age- Seven months

Species- Fancy Rat

Colors- Black and Brown

Markings- Berkshire

Other- Nicked ears, scaring on back, silver ear hoop, silver bracelets on forelegs

Personality- A well-trained female rat with a love for cuddling. She gets along with pretty much everyone, but there is no doubt her loyalty lies with Xenon. She will defend her master to any length. Get on Xenon's bad side, and you might find a rat tearing apart your face.

Likes- Cuddling, being scratched behind the ears, climbing

Dislikes- Being grabbed by anyone but Xenon, being called gross

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Re: Xenon: The Schizophrenic WIP

Post by Calypso on Thu Nov 27, 2014 4:44 pm

He sounds fuuuuuuun~ I can't wait to rp with hiiiim~

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