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The history of Kirith pt.1

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The history of Kirith pt.1

Post by Kirith on Wed Dec 10, 2014 5:31 pm

Kirith didn't grow up in a family that's normal to other people. Her family was servants. They worked at a mansion of a small family of nobles. The two adults had a single daughter, named Helena who was only two years older than Kirith. This girl was the only friend Kirith had on this mansion. Kirith's nature was made out of pure loyalty, respect, and humbleness. Among all the people who lived, and worked at the mansion, Kirith was the only one with red hair. Most of the people around had either brown, black, and on rare occasions blonde hair.
All the other servants never liked her. Nobody's hair lit up as magically in the daylight. Nothing reflected flame as her crimson hair did. Kirith knew nobody liked her. She tried standing out in front of the nobles as well. Trying to give them a good expression about herself. This didn't exactly make anyone like her any more.
Kirith was silent. She barely talked. Anything could get her into trouble, and her parents taught her this from the day she was born. Everything was always tense around her. She couldn't afford to do anything that displeased the nobles, or her whole family could get thrown out of the mansion. If this happened, Kirith would have been homeless. She would have died faster by sickness than one can sing a lullaby. Of course, one day. Things took a turn. Things got better for her in one way, but in another things went horribly wrong.
Kirith was a mere servant among people how high rank and nobility. They had been given titles, that the little girl was taught never to mention. She was always advised to use the respectful titles of Lord, Madam, Sire, and so on. Already at the age of three, she was to work with whatever she could at the mansion. At her young age, that concluded mainly of minor tasks of helping her parents, wash dishes and carry mugs of water to the nobles on command.
A while after she rounded four years of age, she was told to bring water to the nobles' daughter, Helena. Her room was almost hidden through loads of corridors, and up a long stair.
The little girl did not know her very well. She had seen her a few times before, passing by in the distance, or through big crowds of people. But never had they exchanged words. She had never been up close to her.
Her parents had  given the red-haired girl the same warnings as they always did. 'Speak only if you're spoken to. Walk the correct way. When delivering water do this and that first. Do not disturb the lady if she is busy without something else. Everything she does in more important than you.' Kirith didn't put much thought into it. She had done this before, and she was slightly convinced she had it in her to serve her masters in a way that would satisfy them.
Kirith didn't look upon the nobles as someone who owned their servants. Even though they did. In the little girl's eyes, her masters was hers. She belonged there, and she was theirs. But of course, they would dispose of her any second she got out of hand. Any of the nobles could make that decision, but all they saw were people working for them for low cost, or none at all.
Before Kirith had left with the water vessel, her parents had both kissed her on the forehead, wishing her luck, and once again telling her what not to do. She had just smiled happily at them, and left. She had to leave the mansion to go to a well to fill the mug.
While pulling at the rope to get the bucket residing down there up, she stared down into the darkness below. She saw nothing, and more nothing. In that hole, nobody could ever say for sure what existed. Nobody could say how far down it was. This thought made Kirith get a sinking feeling in her stomach. She had to turn away before the feeling got overwhelming.
When the bucket came up, she had no problem filling the vessel, followed by returning the bucket to the abyss with a gentle throw. Walking back towards the mansion, she couldn't help but smile. If she was called up to the room of Helena, maybe she would get to see her, and exchange a few words. As the girl closed in to the doors, she noticed someone in a window, looking at her. He was a man wit fine clothes, holding his hands behind his back. Kirith couldn't make out his face very well. But she knew this man was of noble blood. She had stopped dead in her tracks, staring back at the man in wonder as he turned away, and walked off somewhere. She didn't know who he was. She had never seen him around the mansion before. But she knew she would have to be careful around him as well...

Kirith had now made her way through the mansion. Asking some of the other servants for directions as she got closer to the room Helena owned. After climbing a long flight of stairs, and passing a few more corners, she finally arrived. She heard voices inside, so she knew there was someone talking there. She was about to knock on the door when she remembered to never disturb her masters if they were busy, and so she decided to stay there, and wait for one of the voices to excuse itself and leave. Many minutes went by, without any end sight. They spoke shortly, then a long pause of silence washed over the room before a voice lit up again. The girl soon decided she had to follow out her orders, and deliver the water. There could be a visitor asking for a drink as well, so she lifted one of her hands, and knocked gently at the door. A stiff, but warm voice responded almost immediately. Calling for her to come in. Kirith smiled, and gently pushed the door open with a silent creak. But her face was quickly removed from her face as she saw Helena sitting on her bed alone. There was nobody else in her room, and no sign of anyone else being there now recently. But the girl had her face buried in her hands for some reason. Kirith didn't waste any time though. She had excused herself before entering the room, filling up a small bowl with water, along with some plants standing on a desk, and some flowers standing tall and beautiful by the bedside. She gave Helena one last glance, before she took her leave.
"Will she play with me...?" The voice filled the silent room quickly, and surprised the little girls slightly, making her stop in the door. She turned her head, and looked at Helena with her blue eyes. She was no longer hiding her face. She was looking up at her, tears from probably a long session of crying stained on her cheeks. "Will she be my friend...?" She murmured, in an inaudible voice. Kirith couldn't hear her properly. She tilted her head at her ever so slightly. "Excuse me, Lady... But I cannot hear you properly." Helena's expression had changed slightly. To a more neutral one. "I was asking... Would you like to be my friend?" She repeated in a much clearer voice. Not indirectly this time. The question shocked Kirith slightly. She took a step back in the door, wondering what she would say... If she replied positively, the other servants would like her even less. She didn't know what would happen to her if she did so. Would she and her family be thrown out of the mansion? But the only thing Kirith could think about, was Helena's face. Filled with tears of sadness. Now how would that make her feel if she replied negatively.
Kirith had placed the water vessel behind the door, and slowly walked up towards the noble girl.
"Yes, lady..." She said carefully, and walked even closer to her. She picked up her hand in the most careful way she could, letting it rest in hers. "I would love to..." Helena had smiled. Probably for the first time in a while. A long wile...
The next few days that followed, Kirith got the new duty to be the Nobles' daughter's playmate. They exchanged things about themselves, their names and everything like that. And young girls, they promised each other to get married when they grew up. Of course, they had no idea what this meant. But Helena had been told it happened when two people was very happy around each other.
The other servants had of course started liking Kirith even less. Coming up with names for her that explained her as someone deceitful. Someone who would try to become a part of the nobles somehow. But the little girl had no such plans. She was only happy that she had finally gotten herself a friend. A real friend. Years went by. And Kirith and Helena grew to become strong individuals. Kirith had to do other work at times, but she always enjoyed being with Helena a couple of hours every day. She never tried to use her trusted friend against any of the other servants. She tried to pretend like nothing. Like she knew nothing of the names, and the part of them hating her. Nothing special happened before Kirith had turned 13, whilst Helena had turned 15...

Things get kind of out of hand here... Reader's discretion is advised...
Kirith slowly made her way through the garden behind the huge mansion, already looking forward to seeing Helena again. She easily spotted her beautiful, puffy white dress over by the benches in a spot where a gravel pathway ended in a small circle. In the middle was a birdbath, holding a few birds tweeting a nice tune as they went about their day. Helena had waved at her, so she had given her a smile and walked faster towards her. She soon got right next to her, so she sat down on the bench beside her after asking for permission to do so. Of course, the request was accepted by her good friend.
It showed way too well that Kirith wasn't a noble like her friend. She had almost shaggy clothes. Fit for a servant of course. Her hair was however as straight as anything. It had slight volume, making it look more fluffy, so she had no problems with that. When it came to her clothes, she knew exactly why she wore them. A moment of silence was cut off by Helena asking her something.
"How has your day been, Kirith? You know I'm interested in knowing more about what happens behind the walls of this mansion. The places where I never go. So... Did you see anything special? Did you find something for me?" Kirith laughed silently as the noble girl leaned towards her with such interest it would intimidate a stranger. But Kirith had learned that she was a very kind soul. "Oh... It's been the same old... I washed some clothes, and helped the cook back in the kitchen to prepare your dinner. Oh... But we made so much today, Lady... Are we expecting guests?" The smaller girl had asked. Helena had scowled at her as Kirith clearly has mentioned something she would've liked to tell her. But she quickly smiled, and laughed it off. "Ah, yes. I was getting at that. But you are too sneaky... You don't miss anything, do you?" She asked, touching Kirith's nose with her index. Kirith smiled at her and nodded slightly. She didn't miss many things around the mansion. That much was true. She worked almost everywhere, so she heard all kinds of things from the other servants. "The answer is yes. We are expecting guests. It's my father's trusted friend. Apparently they participated in a war together. And this man had saved my father's life." She explained, grabbing Kirith's attention quicker than she would have liked to.
Helena was the only person Kirith trusted completely. She obeyed her orders before anyone else's. She would do almost anything Helena asked her to do.
Kirith stared into her eyes, wanting to know more. But that part of the conversation was over.
"I'm wondering. Would you like to do something for me?" She asked, and Kirith immediately nodded in a quick motion, wondering what her request could be. "Anything, lady. I'll fulfill your demand, no matter when or what it is." She stated, and smiled at her. It didn't take Helena long to return the smile, and now the two were sitting there smiling like stupid at each other far off in the garden. "Would you like to be my personal maid? For the rest of today? I need someone I can trust close to me under today's ordeals. Father says he has great plans for me, and told me I could choose a maid that would help me throughout the day. You will be excused from any other jobs you were signed up for until the day's end. How does that sound?" She asked her with a cheery voice, her smile getting wider. Kirith didn't know what to say. She was shocked, and really happy for the offer. The girl lifted both her hands to her chest, holding them over her heart. She wanted to squeal. Cry, and hug her friend out of happiness. But she closed her eyes to keep the tears in, while giving her a nod. "Yes, Lady. It would be an honor." She said silently, feeling a tear escape her eyelids. This was truly a real honor for Kirith.
"Well, then! We should get you into some proper clothing! Our visitors will be arriving shortly, and we wouldn't want my maid to be dressed like this!" She said, and got up while grabbing Kirith's hand. She pulled her towards the mansion, getting into a dressing room were the servants' clothes was hanged carefully and clean on pegs and lines. Kirith had stared at it for a long time before she had found something that fit her, and walked out to see Helena gleefully awaiting her. She made this low high-pitched sound of awe as the door closed behind the girl. "You look so cute! Not a doubt that you are the one I'll be marrying!" She teased, remembering the childish promise they had made years ago. They both knew very well that this wasn't possible anymore though. "Nobody beats you though, Lady. Nobody can ever become cuter than you!" She said happily, and grabbed the sides of her short skirt to bow slightly for Helena. She had giggled, and done the same. Helena looked at her, and lifted a finger. "Now then, Kirith! Come with me! Dad said just a second ago our visitors have arrived! They will be in shortly. We must go lead them inside!" Kirith simply nodded, as the girl once again grabbed her hand and pulled her through the mansion towards the main entrance. A place where Kirith had never been before.
In front of her stood a man. A man she recognized. She had seen him long ago, and it immediately awakened a memory in Kirith that she didn't find pleasing.
The man in the window the day she had first talked to Helena. He was staring at her once again, giving her the exact same look. Which made Kirith stop and stare back at him the exact same way she had all those years ago. But the man's gaze was cut off as Helena's father went up to him, grabbed his hand and gave him one of the manliest hugs Kirith could imagine. Helena had also shook his hand. Kirith simply curtsied towards him, which once again made him look upon her with those eyes of his.

The next couple of hours had gone by rather quickly. Kirith had followed Helena around like a trustful dog, while her father had showed this man around the mansion. What had changed and such since he last had visited.
Helena had suddenly excused herself, and told Kirith to wait while she took care of some business with her father.
Kirith remained loyal, and held her own hands in front of her as she awaited her Lady's return. But she was caught off as she felt a strong hand cover her mouth, and grabbed her around the waist as she was pulled away somewhere.
A dark voice spoke something, but Kirith was too terrified to be able to hear what it said. Soon, she was sitting on the lap of the person who had just assaulted her, which made her go completely quiet, and stop struggling. She widened her eyes slightly as she heard the voice speak to her again.
"You are beautiful, you know that?" Kirith whimpered, and looked up at the the person holding her. The man from the window. Helena's father's trusted war-buddy.
Now Kirith started struggling again. She wanted him to let go of her, she wanted to scream for help. But her was way too strong for her young and frail body. The red-haired girl froze completely stiff as she felt him caress her hair with the hand he wasn't covering her mouth with. She wasn't able to move at. His hands moved across her neck and along her shoulders. He had also let go of her mouth. But Kirith wasn't able to say anything to persist. There wasn't anything she could do to get out of the situation she was in. His hands made her freeze completely to her seat on this man's lap.
He slowly moved his hands along her body. Her legs, her chest, her thighs, her back, her stomach, her face, her lips... He inhaled for a long time, catching as much of her scented hair as he could before he started to speak again.
"We haven't even reached the best part yet..." He hummed in a sly, silent voice, as he was about to start caressing her again, but they were cut off by the yell of Helena. "Kirith!~" It rang through the corridor like a bell, and it also made the man let go of her, and push her onto the floor. She fell forward, but was able to catch herself with her hands. Her clothes were are ruffled, and her hair had gotten messy from what that man had done to her. "This shall not be mentioned to anyone. You hear me? Or you will regret it." He warned harshly, as he got up and walked past her. As he did, Kirith crawled up against the wall, and breathed heavily in fear. He rounded the corner and disappeared as Kirith was left there in the corridor crying. She tried to straighten her clothes, and fix her hair, but her hands had gotten so shaky, she wan't able to do anything. Footsteps was heard, and in fear of the man coming back, Kirith instinctively covered her ears, and pressed her face against her knees. The fear flowed through her like a current, ready to overcharge at any moment. But a more familiar voice made her calm a bit down. She didn't catch what is said, since she was covering her ears, but she knew it was Helena. She looked at her friend with horror in her eyes, so the girl of nobles didn't hesitate to sit down by her, and press her against her in a hug to comfort her. Kirith didn't dare to talk. She wouldn't say anything of the truth. She didn't know what else to do but lie about it. But right now, she was even too scared to talk at all. But the warm, and friendly embrace Helena handed her gave her comfort. She slowly calmed down. And soon, she was up on her feet, brushing off her suit...

A few hours went by without her saying a single word. Her soul was completely ensnared in a black mist that shadowed her being, and made her a puppet for the nothingness. Helena had tried talking to the girl, but she was scared. Absolutely terrified of what would happen if she said anything about what had happened. If she said anything at all, she was afraid that the man who had done this to her would come back. She was happy that it stopped, but she knew that if he got a hold of her again, what seemed like an eternity would be even longer. But most of all, the girl was confused. She had nearly no idea about what had just happened. She didn't know anything about this man. The only thing she knew was that she was scared of him.
Kirith walked after Helena towards the dining room, while she stared at her heels as they walked. She could still feel the man's rough hands' icy cold touch on her skin. For every fifth step, she shuddered slightly. Kirith knew she would have to look at him again soon. The clicking their shoes made as they made their way was way too consistent for Kirith. Everything she heard became hollow in her ears. The echoes throughout the halls closed everything out. Helena's voice slowly faded in though. "-rith. Kirith. Kirith! Hey!" The girl looked up to see that they actually had stopped by the doors that went into the dining room. She looked at her friend with tears still rolling down her cheek, which she quickly wiped. "I don't know what happened in that hall. But you need to pull yourself together now. This is important. I need to show my dad that you are able to go through with this. And more importantly, dad is planning something for me. So please." Kirith nodded slowly, and put on a smile. She knew Helena was a cold person at times, so it didn't bother her as she said this. She knew they were going to have a conversation about this later. Maybe she would feel better then. But right now, she needed to stay strong. She quickly fixed her hair, and held her hands in front of her again.
Kirith pushed open the door into the room for Helena, and bowed her head for her as she walked inside. As she did, she notices two other maids in the room, standing in each their corner. The girl eyed everyone in the room, and immediately felt scared. It was a big room. She was the youngest, and by far the smallest. She swallowed as she saw that man again, but he wasn't looking at her, just as she had predicted. She waited for Helena to find her seat, before she walked over to one of the corners, still keeping a smile on her face as she stood secluded against the wall. She felt the silence wash over her as the people who took up the seats started exchanged a couple of words. Simple questions about their families, and work, and so on. Kirith's smile started to fade. She wasn't aware of it, but it did. Her head started spinning, and she wanted to sit down. She wanted to leave the room. Just the presence of that man made her anxious, and as Kirith stood there, he seemed to notice it when he glanced over at her. He heard his voice, and froze to the ground like she had been thrown into space, frozen from the immediate cold. She lifted her head slightly, and looked at him, forcing the most awkward smile on her face as he proceeded with an order for her.
"How about you go fetch me something to drink?" Kirith bowed her upper body a little, staring at the floor for a second before she stalked towards the table, and picked up a bottle of wine standing there. As she approached, and the figure of the people got larger, she only felt like she was getting smaller. Fear tucked tightly around her heart as she stood in between a couple of chairs, and leaned forward. She grabbed a bottle of wine standing up against one of the vases, hidden slightly by a bundle of flowers that had started to wither now recently. Kirith kind of saw herself in them. Her body had just started to fall. Her mind had started to crumble, and her fear of almost everything was burning furiously in her, still.It was only an hour or so since the man in the corridor had grabbed her. But her memory of it was still good.
She snapped out of her thoughts, and reluctantly brought the bottle over to the man. His big hands lifted his glass, and Kirith slowly filled it with shaky hands. When she tipped the bottle back up so she could leave, the man grabbed her around the wrist, and made her fill up the glass close to the edge. Then he shoved her lightly away. Kirith turned around with the the push she got, and left the table with the bottle in her hands, in case someone needed a drink, like the maids at this mansion used to. As she reached her corner, her heart were speeding like a mockingbird's. The speed of it made her lightheaded. She stood still for a moment, with her eyes half closed, as she heard the voice of Helena's father fill the room in a dark, warm voice. It actually made her feel safe in this very meaningless situation.
"What do you think Jonathan? What say you?" He asked. Kirith looked up at him, wondering what it was they were talking about. But one thing was for sure, they had discussed something under four eyes. Something that nobody was supposed to know the details about yet. But the man... Who Kirith now knew as Jonathan, the man she hated for his treacherous hands, was quick to reply. "She will do. Oh, she will do..."

Kirith and Helena sat outside in the garden where they had met first time that day. Kirith remembered how happy she was because of Helena's request. But now she was broken. Completely turned to dust where she sat in the grass. "Kirith... Can't you tell me what has happened?" She asked, her voice calm but firm. She was probably getting tired of Kirith not saying anything. But the girl couldn't blame her. They had been sitting this way for almost an hour now. Kirith was scared, but she build up some courage by ripping some grass up with her stiff fingers. Her voice was unstable, and frail anyhow. "I... I just... Thought about something. S-something that happened long ago. I'm sorry if I disappointed you, Lady." Kirith stuttered. She was going to say more, but Helena had stomped her foot at the ground, making her shut her mouth. "Don't lie to me! I know when people are lying." She stated in a hard tone. Yes, she was clearly getting tired of Kirith. "Now please, tell me what happened. What. Really happened." She demanded in a more calm voice. Kirith looked up at her, with tears that she had tried to hide rolling down her cheeks. "... Jonathan..." She started, but she wasn't able to continue. Her voice was choked, completely strangled into nothing. "I'm scared, Helena... He... He..." She managed to force out of her. Helena had put a hand on her shoulder shortly after, but it didn't help much. "Oh, so dad's friend scared you, huh... I see. He might seem scary, but he means nothing bad. Come on now. Don't let something like this get to you. Get up." She said with the same harsh tone.
She just didn't get it. And Kirith couldn't get herself to say it. She was way too terrified to do so. But his got her off the hook for now. She remembered what Jonathan had done after his last sentence before they left the dining room. He had looked up at Kirith with those eyes she remembered from the first time she saw him. All she knew was that this would happen again. It was doomed to happen. But Kirith wasn't about to let that go on just like that. Next time she would be prepared...

Kirith did prepare. Even though she didn't see Jonathan for days. Then weeks. Month. Even years. He wasn't there. But that didn't stop her. Every evening she practiced. She started training her muscles to become stronger. She prepared her mind by thinking about what had happened. Over and over again. Even though she collapsed sometimes and broke down, she kept doing it until she could think about it without trembling. Eventually she could rip a bag of flour in half with a special move with her hands. She tried taking on some of the more heavy work,helping some of the men digging in the garden, and making her sweat like a man as well. She was determined to turn her girly nature in to a more neutral one. She was determined not to let anything like this to ever happen to her again. She was ready for anything. And just as she turned seventeen. Four years after what had happened, she finally got a chance to show what she had learned...
Kirith awoke abruptly. She found herself sitting up on the mat she called a bed. Her heart was beating at an inhuman rate, and she swore if there was anyone else awake close to her, she knew they would probably hear the loud bumping. It was like someone armed with heavy military boots were running on a plastic plate, banging inside her head. She lifted her arm, and pressed her hand heavily against her chest to try and hold the sounds back. She brushed her hair slightly away from her eyes, and got up from her spot. She fumbled around in the dark room for her clothes, and quickly found them laying somewhere over a short pole. It could have been a stick for all she knew. She quickly got them on, and walked outside this shed that she and a bunch of other people lived in. The stars and the moon were the only things that illuminated the world around her. Small, beautiful candles that threatened to get blown out by the lightest breath of air.
Kirith, looked at the tall mansion, staring at it's brick and stone walls, with it's retro look and building style. She looked at the top, and saw this point of the top that she had seen a hundred times before. A metal spike of some sort, reaching almost four feet up into the air, constructed like a spear. Months ago she had set a goal to be able to get up to it, and she had succeeded many times after the 100th time or so. Now it had turned into a routine. She woke up from a nightmare, every night. Then she got up, and climbed on top of the roof, where she enjoyed the view and got some time to think for herself. Not to mention it was greater exercise than doing labor all day long.
The young adult walked up close against the wall, and placed her fingers in the cracks between the layers of foundation. She had no problem as she started to haul herself up the wall, finding whatever grip possible. She used it successfully every time as well. Soon she found herself standing on top of the first set of roof. She stalked along the wall silently, not giving off a single noise as she looked in through the windows of some of the rooms where she knew people were resting peacefully. The mansion was always crowded with people of higher rank than herself and the rest of the people inside this sleeping shed. One would think that having direct relations with the owner's daughter would get you high, but in reality, it didn't. It didn't really bother Kirith, however. At the moment, she was happy with her life. All she missed was sleep. Being able to go a whole day and suspect nothing that could potentially harm her. She missed the days before that man, Jonathan had tried to force himself upon her. Her savior at that day was Helena.
Kirith also knew that the owner of the mansion, and Jonathan, who are friends from a war far off in the past, had something planned. And Kirith couldn't help but to think she was involved. She was afraid that Helena's father was giving, or more likely selling her to Jonathan.
As Kirith reached a new place on the roof, where she would be able to keep climbing, she didn't hesitate to jump up, and grab the ledge far up there. Her strong arms quickly pulled her up, and she now found herself on top of the roof. On the highest point of the mansion. She walked with bent knees to hold her balance as she walked up to the spear sticking up towards the sky, and grabbed a hold of it before she sat down with her legs dangling out over the edge of the roof. She sat like that for a moment, looking upon the stars, and thinking about how she would get her revenge on her enemy number one. There wasn't a change that he would get to put his hands on her ever again though. Kirith was determined to slaughter him if he tried. She didn't care would happen to her afterwards. That man needed to pay for his sins.
The girl looked at her fingers, noticing exactly how bruised and bloody they were from her hard work, mixed up with the climbing. They were as clean as anything, but wounded. She sighed, and decided to find her way down before it got too late in the night to fall back asleep again. A small figure of only shadow could be seen as she slowly slid down the first roof, and reached the first level. She had quickly gone back to the wall where she started climbing, and went back down until she felt secure enough to jump. As she felt her bare feet against the grass, she felt relieved as always. She thanked someone who she didn't know if existed for keeping her safe. Kirith was never religious. She believed in spirits of people and creatures of the past. The only thing she believed in that could be anywhere close to religion was guardian angels. But they never seemed to be around when she needed them the most, anyway.
The red haired girl looked further in the back of the mansion, towards the garden where the benches and the bird-bath were. She was about to go inside and sleep a couple of more hours before daylight came, but she felt like going to where she had just looked to try and awaken some happy memories within her. As she walked around the back, the soft grass made the same sound dry leaves would make during fall. The season when the trees lost their coats. That's when she noticed a shadow eyeing her from one of the benches in the end of that pathway. Kirith froze on her spot, and took a quick step back as it waved at her. Fear started filling her again. Just like that time. Her feet wanted to run. Run far off and never come back. Her lungs wanted to expel the most horror filled scream that they could handle, but there she stood. Stiff as a log. She thought she had prepared for this moment. She thought she was ready for him to come close to her so she could end his life. But she had been terribly wrong. She had been thinking like a child. And it hit her as she stood there, frozen in the middle of the summer.

"Are you having trouble getting sleep as well?"
The voice filled the cool night air like warmth filled a room when a fire was lit. It washed over her, and she immediately felt calm. That warm, and steady voice of the Helena's father. He seemed to be expecting an answer as well. "Y-yes, my lord. I've been having trouble with nightmares lately." She replied as politely as she could manage. The man looked her up and down. "The same have I. Come. Keep me company." He said slowly, and motioned with his arm to come and sit by him, almost offering her a place in under his arm. But he lowered it again, of course. She wasn't expecting a place there, so it didn't matter. She took the offer though, and walked up to him, bowed her head for him, then sat down on the bench, with her hands on her lap and her back straight. The man beside her however almost lay sprawled across the bench in the most unusual manner. But Kirith didn't notice it. She would never notice flaws about her masters. She heard him sigh slightly. "I've been having dreams about losing my daughter. Such a good child she is... If I lost her, I would have nothing. Her mother passed away a couple of years ago, as you probably remember." He said, sadness still hanging in the way he spoke. Kirith nodded without looking at him as a response. She remembered way too well the day when Helena's mother had died. It was a sad day, and nothing happened around the mansion the whole time. Everything seemed to be dead. Do you mind to tell me about your dreams?" The question caught Kirith by surprise. She looked at the man, but she wasn't surprised by the question, mainly. It was the way he said it. 'Do you mind?' The nobles rarely had concerns for their servants' feelings. They never considered them. It made Kirith smile weakly though. The honor of sitting beside him alone was too great for her. "Thank you, my lord... I have been haunted by a face... Someone looking at me while I sleep. I-I feel it that way at least. It's shadowed... I don't know who they are. But they keep closing on me... And... His hands..." Kirith swallowed, holding her own hands up before her as she realized just how scared she had gotten of Jonathan again. Suddenly she felt a light grip around her wrist, and as a reaction she withdrew, and fell onto the ground. Above her still Helena's father sat, leaning slightly forward. Kirith got up, and excused herself before sitting down again. The man placed his hands underneath Kirith's, in a way that asked for her permission to hold them. She took a heavy breath, and put both of her hands lightly in his much bigger hand. He brought them up to his face and inspected them closely. It didn't seem like he like the sight very much, as he put his other hand over her's, and squeezed them slightly. "You are a very hard-working girl, Kirith. I have noticed that about you in the past time. Don't strain yourself. I am grateful for you wanting to be my daughter's friend. For a long time, she needed one. And then you came running." Kirith nodded, assuring him it was an honor. A pleasure on her side. "Thank you, sire... Your daughter is a very nice person. I'm happy that I'm allowed to call her my friend." She replied carefully, and gave her house-lord the warmest smile she could put on. For once in a long time, she felt completely calm. Then, he had let go of her, and started walking back towards the mansion. "Now, get off to bed young lady." He said after turning to look at her. Kirith had also quickly gotten up, and followed him along the pathway towards the house. "Thank you, Lord Frederick. I will." She replied happily, and started walking towards her sleeping place when the man reached the door. "A big day tomorrow. One of those rare occasions when we have visitors!" Kirith stopped dead in her tracks at this statement. She was about to ask who was coming visiting. But she was too late as the door clicked shut...

Kirith didn't sleep much that night. Those words got stuck in her head. Visitors. It haunted her every time she closed her eyes. This face of the man who she feared more than death. She wasn't about to give in to the temptation of death though. There was only one thing she wanted. And that was to end his life without any suspicion so she could keep living at the mansion with Frederick, Helena, and her parents. She tried closing her eyes one last time, but once again she saw those evil eyes, and terrifying smile. She kicked her feet in anger, and once again, she got out of her bed, and went to put her clothes on once again. She gently pushed the thin wooden door open, and stepped outside. She saw the sun pouring in over the horizon. It was probably just a matter of time before everyone of the red of the servants woke up, and started getting to work. The girl herself was planning on helping out from the start. She wanted to stay away from these visitors whoever they were. She wasn't ready. She wasn't ready to meet her fears yet. She learned that this night. The night before people came. The timing couldn't be worse. She glanced over at the garden, by the birdbath again. She noticed a figure sitting there again. She took slow steps towards the benches, listening to the whispers of the wind as it blew past her. In a moment's notice, the figure had turned around an faced her. Kirith had expected someone, or something else. She had expected to see Helena's father. She expected to see the cook, or one of the servants there. Or maybe even Helena. But no. When the eyes of this person met her's, it glinted with evil intentions. A wicked smile crooked it's way up his lips. Kirith stopped in her tracks, just like the night before. But this time, she didn't freeze still. This time she didn't hesitate. Quickly, she turned tail, and stumbled back towards the shed, where she fell face first onto her father's chest, and cried her brave tears in silence.
Her father had awoken by the impact of course. He was confused, and wondering what exactly was going on. But he didn't ask. He simply stroked her head, and patted her back lightly as his daughter emptied her eyes of fear, and sadness.
Later that day, Kirith hadn't seen anymore of Jonathan. He had simply vanished, so now she was suspecting she might have seen things. A mirage. Something from deep within her thoughts. But is seemed way too real. She was anxious over everything. Everywhere she went, she checked every corner she rounded. She was cautious when walking past doors, and she made sure nobody was tailing her, or standing behind her for too long. She was completely strange the whole day. And soon, her only friend had stalked up on her.

"KIRITH!" She yelled, only a foot away from her head. Kirith whipped around, and lifted her leg as if to kick, but as she saw the friendly face of Helena, she sighed, and slumped down onto the floor. The noble had giggled in a devious way, and patted her back as Kirith went back to cleaning the floor, which she had been doing before she was interrupted. "Hey, listen for a moment." She said silently. Kirith didn't use much time to turn around, and face her friend while sitting on her knees. She looked up at her with eyes of anticipation. "I need you to help me again... Jonathan is visiting today. And he is bringing someone. I'm aware that you're not very fond of my father's friend. But I really need you, again. Could you carry that through? Kirith stared at her with puppy eyes as she finished talking. No, she probably wouldn't be able to handle this. She could break down and cry again. And if Helena left her, she could get assaulted at any moment like last time, as well. Kirith looked down at the ground for a moment. She would never want to let her friend down either. And that alone gave her enough reason to have a loud debate inside her own head. A minute went by without Kirith saying a word, before Helena had turned on her heel, and started walking away from her. "I'll do it." She called after her, and got up. Helena's face had brightened a lot when she turned around, and walked back to her, her to grab her hand. "Come on, then. We have a lot to do!" She exclaimed, and started running as fast as she could in her big dress with Kirith in tow. As she reached that room where maid uniforms were kept after cleaning. Once again, Kirith was shut into the tiny room where she quickly changed her clothes. She placed her hand carefully at the door, and was about to go outside, but just before she pushed the door open, she noticed one of the pegs on the wall was loose. She reached forward, and grabbed it. It easily came off as a long metal splint. A very sharp one, at that. She stared at it for a moment, picturing what it could be used for before she strapped it to her thigh with a part of her uniform. If she had to, she at least had something to protect herself with.
As the girl walked outside, her friend had reacted exactly like last time. Kirith remembered it from point A to point B.
"You look so cute, Kirith! Just like last time!" Kirith smiled, and shrugged before she lifted a finger and pointed at Helena's face. "If I'm so cute, then you must be a mirror." She said, letting her hand fall limply back against her body. Helena wasn't exactly sure to take that as a compliment or not, but she knew Kirith said it with good intentions, so she didn't think much more about it as they left the mansion, and went into the garden to be there until the guests arrived...

Kirith was sitting on her knees in front of Helene, as she braided her hair. She never had her red hair in any style different than it's natural straight state. So this was quite special for her indeed. She felt her friend's fingers go through her hair over and over. She felt like she was getting groomed for a special occasion. Well, it kind of was. Something big was happening.
"Please Helena... Tell me once more, and I won't ask again." Kirith asked, in a very childish way. But what Helena had told her made her feel so happy. She heard her sigh in annoyance behind her as she kept twirling her hair up. She was smiling though. "Well... One of our visitors today is a boy, two years older than me. Dad told me, that if he liked me, he might ask me to marry him." Kirith wiggled around on the ground slightly, and wasn't able to sit still at all. She made a low high pitched sound just a second before Helena finished her hair. "I feel so happy for you, lady!" Kirith said happily, and looked up at Helena with a friendly smile. Arranged marriages was normal where Kirith came from. And Helena seemed very happy as well. She didn't get to see many people besides the ones on the mansion. Same with Kirith. She could probably name everyone who had lived at the mansion for at least a month. Or more. Some had been living there since Kirith was born, and some had come and gone.
Lost in her thoughts, the two heard someone call Helena's name from over at the mansion. The cook stood there with a big wooden spoon in her hand, informing them that the visitors had arrived. Kirith jumped slightly, but she was quick to get up on her feet, and follow Helena as she walked with nervous steps towards the mansion. After Helena had told her these news, she was going to do her absolute best around them. Even Jonathan. She wouldn't care if he stared her down. She would do all in her might to stop him from doing anything bad. She would do anything to help Helena on this day. Helena seemed very nervous. Not just a little  from how she walked, but the way she talked as well. As Kirith reached the entrance hall along with Helena, they were met with the sight of Jonathan, and a younger boy. He had short, blonde hair, and wore clothes fit for a general. He had pale, green eyes, that signaled poor eyesight. He wasn't blind, but his vision was very blurry. He greeted them with a smile, and a low bow with his body. Kirith did the same, keeping her smile on her face as she did so. When she looked up on Jonathan, she once again saw those eyes of his, and that smile. But this time Kirith stared him down. Her face showed that she didn't care about him this time. He wasn't important. She didn't care about him at all. He seemed to look away, because of that.
Kirith showed them the way into the living room. It was more like a huge hobby room, filled with stopped out animals, and trophies and all these things the noble family had won and earned up through the years, and generations. Kirith had then showed them each of their chair where they were going to sit the evening through until the dinner. The people didn't use much time to start talking. Jonathan and Frederick was exchanging some information about recent happenings, and the much younger man was talking to Helena. Asking her a few questions from time to time. Kirith was also called over to carry out small orders for them. Getting pictures. Certain items and utilities that they used to tell stories and such. Kirith always obeyed with happiness. She nodded politely, excused herself, and left the room to get whatever they asked of her. Suddenly, a question broke every conversation in the room.
"Zachary. Have you made up you mind, son?" His father, Jonathan asked him. A moment of silence washed over the room, with the young man thinking. He seemed to be looking out into nothing as he did so as well. "I have." He replied silently, and lifted one of his hands into the air. He then pointed at the one he was looking at... Kirith. "I want her to marry me." Kirith had taken a step back, and almost made a small table fall over. She lowered her head, but her eyes was kept locked on the man pointing at her. Zachary, or Zack if you would, must have been crazy. Kirith shook her head slightly, wondering if she was dreaming. Of course. It all had to be one bad dream. Just her imagination. He did not just point at her. He did not just choose her as his bride. He did not look at her... But he really had. He had looked at her the whole time. Every time she had been called over, he had looked at her without Kirith noticing. Every time she showed to be helpful, he had looked at her. Every time she had showed her kind nature, he had...
Kirith actually made the table fall over now. Everyone in the room was looking at her, but she wouldn't reply yes. But she couldn't reply no either. Luckily Helena had gotten up. Kirith was happy she did for a moment. In her mind she was probably going to talk her out of it by saying she was a mere servant. That she wasn't going to marry anyone before her work had been taken from her. But the expression on her face said otherwise.
"You remember that promise you made me long ago? Do whatever you can for me, correct?" She said silently, and kept walking until she was directly up in Kirith's face. Kirith noticed something in her eyes. She didn't know what it was, but it scared her. A lot. "If you remember our childhood and friendship at all..." She said, before hiding her voice in with a raspy whisper that could only make her point more obvious as she finished. "Kill yourself."
The words stuck to Kirith mind. They couldn't get off. They echoed inside her for a million time in a horrible cutting way, slicing her open to nothing but an empty shell. Kirith took a step back towards the door, stumbling on the fallen table. "I didn't ask for this..." She said carefully. She knew the noble girl had meant what she said. There was no doubt. No way she didn't mean it. Kirith ran into the corridors, throwing her maid uniform away, piece by piece. After she had reached the changing room, she had quickly taken on her own clothes, and run outside. She wanted to get away from everyone. Her only friend started hating her as well. The only person around the mansion that liked her, now disappeared from her as well. Nothing was worth it.
She soon found herself laying on top of the roofs of the mansion on her back, tears rolling down her cheeks. She didn't sob, she didn't wail. She didn't let a single sound escape her as she simply lay there with a hollow soul. She stayed there for the rest of the day. Which turned into night. Which then turned into dawn again. She lay there restless the whole time...


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