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The history of Kirith pt.2 WIP

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The history of Kirith pt.2 WIP

Post by Kirith on Thu Dec 11, 2014 8:51 am

Kirith was still staring up at the sky as night fell. Everything was dead around her. And inside her. Her head was laying limply against the roof's bricks, just like a pillow laying on a bed, ready to be slept in. Kirith wasn't as inviting as a bed at the moment though. She used to be. Sometimes she would accept anyone if they needed her. Her life consisted of happiness. She wasn't afraid of anything but the world outside the mansion walls. Now the girl knew she couldn't trust anyone. She knew that anything and anyone would get in her way if she trusted it all too early. But she didn't up in a place with these norms. She was used to people not liking her, but she didn't exactly 'like' them either.
Kirith placed her hand over her eyes, and sighed silently. Why couldn't Zachary just say he wanted to marry Helena. Why couldn't he just leave Kirith alone? Why didn't anyone say anything against his decision? Why did Kirith accept being Helena's maid once again? Why did Helena react as she did? ... Yes... Why did that have to go out on Kirith? She had only done what lady Helena had told her to do. She didn't agree to anything about marrying that man. She was a servant. A mere subject to fulfill their desires.
Kirith gritted her teeth slightly when a reality struck her. 'Only a subject... Fulfill their desires...'
That's probably what that Jonathan had thought as well all those years ago. That's probably the only thing Helena had been thinking too. A subject. A nobody. Just there until they have no more need for her, then they can dispose of her. Like trash. The word itself annoyed Kirith. Trash? Was that what she was to them?

The girl tried to think of anything to not feel guilty with herself. There wasn't much she could have done about it. Anyone who knew the situation would ave told her that. But she wasn't able to get rid of the feeling. The feeling of her being the fault of everything. That cold feeling of guilt filled her to the brim, to where she almost no longer had a clue about who she actually was. That's when she heard footsteps on the big balcony below. Loud, determined steps that could only be recognized as a man's. She got to her feet, holding her balance perfectly as she went up to the spear, and held it as she peered down. There was a big figure there, who stood with his hands on the banisters, looking down upon the courtyard and the long road that led up to the mansion. She stomped her foot down. The sound was a quick sound of stone cracking under her bare feet. Kirith's strength suddenly came out of nowhere.
The person on the balcony had slowly turned around, and looked behind him int the room that led out to the balcony. It was then Kirith saw that this wasn't just another man. She recognized his face. And a rush of rage flew over her, replacing the container of guilt she had. He head got hot, and she growled loudly, and pulled the spear out from the stones on the roof. It's rusty consistence made it snap off easily, and Kirith barely felt it's weight in her hand.
"YOU!" She snarled in a canine-like way, as she crouched ever so slightly, and leaped off towards the person. Her fall was quite far. At least further than she would normally dare to jump. And she landed, she didn't roll, or anything like that. She bent her knees slightly, and drove the piece of metal upwards underneath the figure's ribs, so it stuck out of the other side of his body by his shoulder. The sound of rippling flesh, and crunching bones was like music to Kirith's ears. Oh, how she ha longed for something like this. The whole evening she had wanted to have a release of her anger, sorrow and guilt.
The person had gotten a look of shock in his eyes as Kirith had landed before him. But that expression quickly changed to pure horror as she had charged at them with a weapon. Now they couldn't feel anything. Their body had gone completely limp.
Kirith looked up at the person for more satisfaction of revenge. But she suddenly forgot everything about revenge. Rage disappeared from her mind, as once again she only felt guilt. And more to it.
The figure she saw as Jonathan had turned into someone else. It wasn't him. It wasn't a man at all.
Helena's eyes locked into Kirith's as they held that posture for a while, before the noble girl fell onto her back. For Kirith everything went in slow-motion. She had seen her perfectly well, and still she was seeing him instead of her beloved friend.
"N-no... No. Nonononono." Tears started flowing out of Kirith's eyes as she held her friend up, and gently put her down on the ground. She struggled breathing. They both did. Helena had no look of anger on her face. She lifted her hand, and stroked it against Kirith's cheek, smearing it in with a thin layer of blood as she did so, leaving a a marking of a red hand there. Kirith choked on words. Stroking hair out of Helena's face, and trying to say sorry. Trying to say that she didn't mean to do this.
She managed to say nothing.

"-rith..." She coughed, blood pouring out from between her lips. Kirith opened her eyes and looked at her. Helena was smiling... How could she be smiling?  S-s-sorry. I'm..." Her friend began once again. Kirith's tears literally flowed out of her like a river. She couldn't make a single sound anyhow. "-y friend. I'm... I'm, h-happy. To have called y-you my f-f-friend." Kirith held her breath, and grabbed her hand. She was colder than winter's embrace... Colder than any water the girl herself had ever washed in. Colder than the worst snow she had ever walked through in her bare feet. "I'm sorry! I'm the one that's sorry... I didn't... I would never... I couldn't..." She had begun. But her friend shook her head, and smiled again. She moved her mouth to say more. She was trying to say more, but she was simply unable to.
Kirith watched as her eyes rolled back slightly into her head, that friendly smile still on her face as she took her last peaceful breath of hair. Kirith quickly closed her eyes, so she looked like she was sleeping peacefully, and dreaming wonderfully about something. Kirith lowered her head on to her friend's chest, closing her eyes as well. This had gone way too far.
Kirith started singing. Not loudly but with enough volume for anyone close by to hear. At times her voice cracked while she sang. She heaved for air, and did her best to keep herself from sobbing. She couldn't much about those tears though. They were streaming down her face at a rapid rate.
Kirith's mind was getting darker. It transformed into a wretched and scary form. Her grief had lasted for a long while now, and it made her go insane. She had just murdered her only and best friend.
She blinked once, and she once again saw a face. The face of Jonathan. Kirith's expression slowly changed every time she blinked. It slowly faded from horrible grief, to anger. Soon she was gritting her teeth in pure fury. Suddenly she let go of her friend, and got to her feet. Before she left her side though, she put her arms in a cross over Helena's chest, and straightened her feet.
She looked beautiful...
Kirith turned around, and quickly walked inside the mansion with quick and soundless steps. She quickly found her way down a long set of stairs that she had walked down a million times before now. It felt like hours. Around and around. Step after step. But after a while she reached the ground floor. It was now the hunt began. She was going to find Jonathan. And eliminate him. Kirith giggled maniacally as she walked and searched the corridors. She walked into the living room, the kitchen, the dining room. No one was nowhere to be found. She knew that the mansion had a cellar. She passed a few maids who looked at her blooded face with great concern as she passed them. But they weren't important. She didn't give a single one about them. Soon she reached a metal coated door below the stairs she had just come down. With a rough pull, it flew open, and sounded like a gong as it hit the stone wall behind her. She closed the door behind her and walked down as fast as she could.
The air was getting humid, and things smelled like dust and dirt. Kirith was smiling from ear to ear now, almost ripping her mouth apart. She had pictured everything she would do to this man's corpse. Everything was his fault in Kirith's mind. If he hadn't grabbed her that day. If he hadn't seen her the first day she met Helena. If he had just stayed out of her life. Kirith would be happy. She wouldn't have any concerns about life. And more importantly, Helena would still be alive, driven by these thoughts, Kirith now reached the bottom floor of the whole mansion. And before her stood Jonathan, holding a bottle of fine wine in his hands.

Kirith walked up to him so she stood half-way across the big room from him. Her bare footsteps echoed throughout the room, so she knew he had heard her. And he had,. He placed the bottle into the slot where it had stood in the wall, and turned around as a wicked grin spread across his face.
"Ah... So the maid found me instead? I did not expect that." Kirith gritted her teeth as he spoke. 'How did he dare to speak to her?! How did he dare to say a single word after all he had done? How could he believe Kirith had found him?' "Did you... Possibly crave for more?" 'How could he ever dare to ask her such a question? How could he ever ask her such a stupid thing?'
Kirith nodded slowly, an innocent look on her face. The blood smeared on her face only looked like dirt in the poorly illuminated area. But if he got close enough he could probably see there was something off about it.
"Ohh dear~ Did you give in to temptation after all? You could just simply not ignore the Lord Jonathan, could you?" 'Disgusting. Disgusting. Icky. Ugly. Bastard. Fool. Fool!'
Kirith nodded again, faster this time as she sniffled.
"I see. Then come to me my child." 'Stop. No. He must be stopped. This is not human. His life must be ended. End it now. End it'
Kirith started walking towards him, slowly. In her hand, hidden behind her wrist was the peg she had taken earlier. She was ready to use it. She was ready to kill him. He lifted his hand at her. Making her stop as she approached.
"First... Get rid of those rags you're wearing. They're inferior." 'Eliminate... Eliminate. Eliminate! ELIMINATE!!'
Kirith complied, and lifted off the few clothes she wore, and tossed it aside. And once again she approached him. Her long red hair wavered behind her.
"Good..." He hummed as he walked towards her as well. He was satisfied with her now.
To him, Kirith had given in. She had lost to him. Like a lot others probably had before. It pleased him in more than just one way.
Soon, the two stood right next to each other, and Kirith was grabbed, and brought in for an embrace. But before things went any further, she placed her right hand over the man's mouth, and lifted her left one where she held the peg. She brought it over his throat in a quick move.
The sound of rippling flesh and choking was more than satisfying. She had eliminated him. She had finally been able end his life.
Jonathan coughed as his blood poured out of his throat, but sadly for him, Kirith wasn't going to let him die peacefully. She grabbed him by the throat, almost applying enough pressure to his wound to stop the bleeding, before she flipped the peg around and repeatedly stabbed him in the chest. But not where his heart was. That would be too easy.
She kept stabbing, and blood kept coming out of him. The girl got covered in his life mass. The crimson liquid poured over her like rain on a dark, and mysterious day. Kirith started snickering. It soon turned into a frenzy of loud laughter, and heavy breathing as the man feel down before her. Almost all of Kirith's body was covered in blood. Nothing was covering her youthful, and smooth skin besides the red, damp blood. As she walked, she left red footprints on the ground. And the way her hair had gotten by the tips almost made her look like a monster. She had turned into a monster. No...
She was an eliminator...

Kirith felt hot. It was because of her new coat. Red as blood. And surely enough, it was blood. The girl looked down at the man she had recently killed, using her own, now unholy hands. She stared at her soaked finger, her vision getting blurry. In the gruesome moment of a second, she totally forgot who she was, and what she had just done. As she was looking at her hands, she somehow became someone else. Someone who hadn't been in this dungeon before. Someone who hadn't just murdered this man. Her lungs heaved for air as she let out a consistent scream of terror. It hurt her own ears, and her throat got stiff as a magnificent log of great quality. Tears started streaming out of her eyes once again, as she stared at the mauled body of Jonathan. But her screaming soon turned back into horrific laughter. Kirith grinned, and licked some of the blood off of her hand, as she found her way back towards the staircase leading up into the great halls of the mansion. As she reached it, Frederick was standing in the foyer, yelling Helena's name. He had turned to look at Kirith as he heard her wet footsteps, and a low dripping on the floor. For a moment he looked more shocked than he had been in his entire life. He had taken a step back, stumbling in at the doorstep. He had then tried to speak, but the girl had stared him down with her bloodstained face. She walked up to him, looking up into his eyes for a brief moment. Her eyes looked dead. They had no sign of life in them. And it scared the Lord of the mansion more than Kirith had ever seen him. But before he got to do anything else to move away, or anything that could let him slip away from Kirith's blood lust, she embraced him. She buried her face in his chest, wiping the tears she had cried moments ago onto his clothes, along with a big patch of warm blood.
"I'm sorry... I'm so sorry..." She said silently, and suddenly started sobbing. thing she had promised herself not to do. But as she saw Frederick, she couldn't help but to think of her great friend who could read her like an open book. The person she had killed by grand mistake.
The man had eventually pushed her away, and stared at her with great horror residing deep within his wary soul. He slowly followed Kirith's red footsteps towards the cellar, where her most recent murder had just taken place. The girl sighed silently, and walked outside into the cool night air. Everything seemed to freeze for a moment. The element of time was on lock-down. Completely worn down like an old clock. Kirith was finished at this mansion. She would probably come back one day in her life to check on her family. She limply went down the long stair at the entrance, and followed the long road by the fountain, and down towards the huge iron gate, keeping any trespassers out.
The innocent, hard working little girl... That's who she used to be. That what she wanted to be. But this future had been taken from her. She was now a trespasser to the mansion hard, and sturdy walls. She was a trespasser to the world outside...
She didn't belong anywhere.

The next few days, people around the towns and roads talked about the ghost of a girl. Completely covered in a thick layer of red, wet and dried blood. People started getting scared of walking along the paths in the woods, and nobody dared to go anywhere alone. Though she never showed any threat, who wouldn't be afraid of a ghost that everyone could see?
Kirith had been wandering for a long time. Hungry, thirsty, completely exhausted from her major lack of sleep. But she had been able to find a lot of water while she walked, and she drank whenever she could. But she didn't wash herself. Wearing blood was almost like wearing clothes. Though it didn't cover much of her, it was still better than nothing... As she kept walking along the roads, people started taking much longer way around her than just walking past her. The girl had probably never been so lonely in her whole life. But people weren't considerate. They walked by her with their carriages and their horses. All they owned and more to it. Nobody had a moment to spare...

The girl heaved for her breath as she had just covered a whole 72 hours of walking. She limply lifted a hand, and looked at the few patched of blood that still covered parts of them. She started giggling lightly. Soon turning back into a serious being as she stared at the ground with her pale eyes.
She was wondering how Frederick was handling the death of his daughter... And how Zachary would be now that his own father was dead. The young boy had probably gone home, now owning a whole castle of a house for himself to enjoy. The girl frowned a little. She missed a house to live in. She wanted to rest her head and sleep. But there was no way she would do that by the road. As she walked, she noticed a farm far off in the distance. A long road, secluded by tall crops of wheat and barley. They had a barn. A pretty big one at that. There would probably be food up there, and a lot of water as well. A crooked grin spread across her face she had left the main road of wonders, and walked onto the side-path up towards the farm. The wind up that hill blew through her long hair, untangling anything that had gone up in her fiery red hair.
Evening had fallen upon her as she reached the large barn-doors. They went up unexpectedly easy as she entered. By the wall, there stood tall barrels, and a couple of them stood open on the ground. Kirith walked up to them, and looked inside the large wooden barrel. It was filled to the brim with water. She took a deep breath, and dunked her head inside. Her hair softened up inside it, slowly getting rid of dirt, and grease in her hair, along with some blood. She rubbed her face with her hands, and drank some water while she was at it. As she took her head up again, she smiled slightly for herself, before she jumped feet-first into the barrel, making the water pour out all over the floor, and make the hay-covered ground soaked a few feet away. The water inside the barrel didn't take long to become red by some of the blood, but since most of the blood was completely dried into her skin, she had to rub most of it off with her hands, and it took some effort. The barrel was just about large enough for her, so she struggled to get completely clean, but she decided to make it happen. She was tired of this feeling of being dirty. She sat that way for a couple of hours, before she got out of the metal coated barrel. And walked a few feet away. She held that metal peg that she had always kept with her close to her chest as she let her body fall into a large bundle of hay,  and dug herself so far down she could before she started drifting off to sleep. She smiled slightly in her sleep, and snuggled into the warmest, and most comfortable bed she had ever used. She sighed lightly, her dreams filled with wonderful things.
She couldn't quite put her finger on it, but she seemed like someone she wasn't in that present. She was herself. But not the same... Someone was with her. Multiple figures, but this one stood out. She recognized a warm, but harsh voice. She heard screams of death, and she felt blood pouring around her feet. But her heart was fluttering in her chest. The weird feeling of butterflies, happiness and beautiful elimination was rudely cut off by something touching her back in the real world...
Someone was standing over her, shaking her by the shoulder slightly. The contact made Kirith terrified, added up with furious, as she swiped her weapon out from the hay, and across this unknown farmer's throat. He stumbled backwards, holding a hand over the wound that would made his life abruptly end. Kirith got out of the hay, with blood splattered in small droplets all over her once again, and walked up to the farmer. The girl grabbed him by the back of his shirt, and tugged him across the ground while he was still choking and gurgling in his own blood. Kirith tugged him out of the barn, and into the farmhouse a few feet away from them. She kicked the door open, and just by getting the scent from inside, she knew he lived alone. She pulled him into the living room, and placed him on the middle on the floor as he finally stopped thrashing about, and stopped breathing. The girl had the most neutral look one could imagine on her face. She moved the furniture out of the room, and jumped up and pulled the lamp down, throwing it out the door before she closed it behind her.
There was no window in the room, so it was completely dark. 'Perfect', as Kirith would name it, as she walked slowly up to the deceased man on the floor, and scooped up as much of his blood as she could in her hands, before she quickly got up, and started making hand-prints, just like the one Helena had given her, all over the walls. She threw blood as best she could up into the roof, and made painting that would look beautiful if she didn't have no other colour than red. She kept making the prints of her hands all over the walls, followed by covering herself from top to toe in the crimson material.
She had no idea what she was doing. She was doing everything out of nothing.
Eventually, she sat down on the floor a few feet away from the man, where she fell over at her side, and curled up like a fetus. She lay there hugging her own feet, burying her eyes in her kneed as she wished for something. A place to belong perhaps? She didn't know. But whatever it was, something happened.
The dark room got lit up by the blood coated walls. The blood was actually becoming a light source, illuminating Kirith. The man on the floor had suddenly disappeared, which shocked Kirith quite a bit. She sat up, and looked across the room, taking a few steps in towards the middle.

"By the Gods... What do we have here?"
The voice sounded like it was underwater. Echoing swiftly like waves after a rock had been thrown at the surface. It rippled through the air like a powerful stream. "Oh, a little girl. Oh no, young adult. Is it?" Kirith kept her mouth shut, trying to find the source of who was talking to her. "The strong silent type... I like that..." The voice hummed, as something appeared with a strong light in the middle of the room she was inside. "I offer you this, young Kirith. My own dagger." On the floor lay a beautiful black dagger, carved by twirls and strange letters of white. She picked it up, and her appearance seemed to change immediately as well. "Use them however you like by my word..." The voice spoke. Kirith looked herself over. She was wearing tight clothes, made out of rough hide. A hood made out of smooth material. Boots. Some belts. And of course, the dagger and it's sheath.
A grin had spread across Kirith's face. She had no idea who this voice was owned by, but she wan't about to go without saying anything.
"Thank you... For your generosity." She said silently, before the room darkened again.

Kirith grabbed the handle of the rood, and pushed it open. Something had changed. A lot. She wasn't even close to anything that looked like a farm. She was high up. Really high up. She walked forward, and saw she was situated on top of a building. Some kind of a city?
On the ground there were loads of people scurrying about, and loud noises. Never before had Kirith seen anything like this. It didn't exist. It couldn't be real. She fell backwards, and sat there pondering for a moment.
Her thoughts went to Helena. To her parents. Frederick...
The girl lifted her new dagger, and looked at it as a sly grin formed on her lips.
She lifted the mask that was a part of her suit, and stepped up at the end of the roof.
This was her new home.


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