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Calypso: History P.1

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Calypso: History P.1

Post by Calypso on Thu Dec 18, 2014 6:00 am

It was too long to fit ._.

Anyways, as you go along, it becomes more and more like a story. At some point I'll edit the earlier ages until they're... better. Because they're reealllllllllyyyyyyyyyy bad right now. Anyways' here's a nice fabulous story guide.

"Fish." = Any victim or just a random person
"Brat." = Alex
"Dogs." = Any sort of general worker
"Fabulous." = Calypso
"Wine." = Veronica
"Bark." = Ivan
"Unacceptable." = Arthur
"Hey'o." = Erik
"Attention!" = Any sort of higher ranking officer
"What?!" = Any lower ranking officer
"Kitsuneeeee!" = Any of Cally's subordinates
"Iceland!" = Clarisse
"Ivaannn!" = Sebastian


    The day Calypso was born was the day of one of a one of the worst snowstorms to hit Kuopio in existence. It shook the windows of the hospital Veronica and Arthur were in, and many a people were killed by the bitter cold and icy winds. For those who could afford only ramshackle houses, they went on for countless hours in fear that their houses would be knocked down. Many were. All in all, it was a very sad day for the city of Kuopio. Many young children and old people also perished, succumbing to fevers and chills if they survived the initial storm.
    Like any other child, Calypso was born into the world the usual way. Crying and screaming like no tomorrow. From that moment onward though, his entire life was set apart from anyone else's. Some say it was because of the weather, and other's say it was because he wasn't entirely human, but Calypso was born with moonlight white hair. Even as just a babe, his parents could tell it would grow to be incredibly spiky and wild at some point in time. For right now though, it was just kind of spiky-curly. He had beautiful bottle green eyes that shone in the light, and very fair skin. If it weren't for his green eyes, they would've pronounced him an albino.
    Calypso's parents, veronica and Arthur, were overjoyed at the birth of their son. For very different reasons though. Arthur saw a tool, an heir, a lump of clay he would mold to perfection to be the next holder of his self-made company. Veronica saw a young and innocent baby boy whom she could raise and love for the rest of her life.
     Something Calypso had no clue of when he was younger was the fact his parents weren't normal. Both the CEOs of self-made businesses, medical drugs and daycares respectively, they were filthy stinking rich. They'd bought a hill that had plans for a tower being erected on it, and turned it into an enormous estate. Calypso, being their only child, was spoiled to insanity. People waited on him hand and foot, doing everything his parents didn't want to do or didn't have the time to do between work and constant invites to ceremonies and such.
     Arthur was incredibly pleased with his son. He may look strange, but he was an utter genius. Far ahead of his age, Calypso was walking around freely at eleven months, and speaking at one and a half. Veronica was saddened though, that her child was so incredibly smart and talented. She felt as if she had lost her baby as soon as she'd received it. By age two, Calypso was reading. Let's not jump ahead quite that far yet though, ne?


     By the time Calypso turned one, he was speaking short two to four word sentences, something expected of someone near twice his own age. He'd formed a strong connection with everyone who cared for him, and was a no-nonsense kind of child like his father. Cally rarely- if ever- smiled, which did worry his parents for a while. Many disorders were associated with a lack of smiling. They couldn't even consider the possibility thought. Lypso was just far too smart to have any sort of disability.
     Cally exhibited many normal habits for someone his age. He liked getting into everything, smashing things together and taking things out of containers before putting them back in. Veronica had a heck of a time attempting to get him to go to sleep at night, although if she went away to locate Arthur and bring him to help, Calypso was usually mysteriously asleep when she returned. She just chalked it up to general tiredness though.
     Also like most one year old, he showed blatant favouritism for a few of his toys over his many others. Calypso even had his own room full of just his own toys. The house staff called it his nursery, but he just called it his play room to himself. It wasn't as if very many people besides him, Veronica, and Arthur anyways.
    His favourite toy, by far, was one of those push beads along a track jungle gym things. Cally would spend hours of time just pushing the beads back and forth in different patterns. Arranging some at the tops of the loops, and others at the bottoms of them to form patterns and things only he could see. Most of his other toys, if they didn't have some sort of movable part, he flat out abandoned.
     Arthur was sitting on the sidelines, waiting patiently for Calypso to reach three years of age. When that happened, he could get him a prep-preschool tutor. Someone to teach him the basics of being a noble child. Veronica wouldn't exactly be pleased, but she had no say. They had agreed their first child would need to be trained to become the heir to their companies. If she wanted so, they could simply have another child later.


   At age two, Calypso was well on his way to becoming the perfect son his father wanted him to be. Quiet, composed, and polite in other people's presence, he rarely ever shouted or screamed. Lypso was incredibly mature for his age, and between that and his father's high standards, he had a rather hard time making friends. There weren't exactly a lot of kids around to make friends with though.
     Another interesting thing was that Calypso was already reading books at this age. Not large ones, the very simple ones, but he read so much he actually cleaned out the library in his town of them. Upset by this, he started getting harder books until he could read them too. Nothing was going to stop him from being absorbed in his imaginative world.
     That is, except his father.
    Arthur highly disapproved of this excessive reading habit. He saw it as foolish and time-wasting, when Calypso could be doing so many other things. Such as creating miniature architectural masterpieces out of building blocks. There were few things he saw more useless than excessive reading of anything but non and historical fiction.
    Thus so, as the time for Calypso's third birthday drew near, he started to limit his reading time more and more by spending more time with him. Albeit regrettably. There was nothing he loathed more than wasting time. Still, he forced himself to spend time with Lypso. Several times they walked around the forst surrounding the mansion, in complete silence. In time, Cally came to understand his father didn't want him near books as much as he had been anymore.


    Now, there's something you must understand. Calypso loved his mother, but he worshiped his father. There wasn't a single person better than his father in his mind. Who could be better than his father? Nobody.
     In time though, things took a turn for the worse in his family. His mother started drinking a bit, which didn't end so well. Huge fights began breaking out between her and Arthur, until eventually the reason for her drinking habits came out: She despised Calypso being tutored, and wanted it to stop. Arthur then proceeded to gently remind her of her promise to him. After that, she stopped drinking so much. The habit never entirely went away though.
     Calypso himself found great joy in his lessons. His tutor, a graying, old, and strict man, was actually quite nice to his young pupil. Well, as nice as a tutor can be, when he he's 70+. Cally learned much under his guidance, and in a short amount of time too. Within the span of only a few months, he was the living, breathing example of perfection to his father.
    To his mother though, he needed friends. Kids his own age to play with. Thus so, she began taking him along with her to work and depositing him at her best daycare. However, this had no effect on Calypso whatsoever. He just went on ignoring everybody who wasn't his mother or father. After some time, she took him back out of the program and let him be tutored nearly all day again, much to her displeasure.
    Then things got bad. Really bad. the stock market crashed, businesses took a plummet, and during all of this, Arthur's company was sued. He lost thousands of dollars, and half the city was sent into a brief economic depression. Times were tough, and darkness's evil fingers wrapped themselves around his father's throat. He became violent and cruel, demanding everything be perfect no matter what it was. The rating of his company dropped, and work conditions deteriorated along with the moral of a majority of the city.
     While Calypso remained blissfully unaware of most of this, both his parents were deeply affected by it socially more than economically. Their "friends" started wanting to mooch, and speaking dirty about them when they didn't. Desperate to get their social standing back, they did the unthinkable: used Calypso. They invited guests over and had him astound them with his skills. Cally didn't get it, all he got was that he was punished harshly if he didn't do things right. This is where an intense dread for failure when showing off began to form in Calypso.


   As if things couldn't get any worse, Calypso was the victim of a terrible accident. It landed him in the hospital for months, and the loss of one eye. It was replaced with a realistic glass turquoise eye, due to them having no green eyes in stock when he desperately needed one. He didn't remember anything of what happened to him, and it was only from nurse accounts did he figure it out.
   He and his mother had been taking a walk in the park, a rare occurrence nowadays. Everything had been fine and dandy. Veronica had gotten Calypso a strawberry ice cream cone, and they'd been sitting together on a near the edge of the park, watching the other kids play. Nothing seemed even remotely wrong with the picture.
   On the road nearby however, it was a different story. A newly licensed teenage driver and known thief was recklessly speeding down the streets. Cop cars were in hot pursuit, and eyewitness accounts recalled seeing the event in horrifying slow-motion.
    The teen lost control of the car trying to do a turn and spun out of control. Knocked out from a hard hit to the dashboard, the driver was powerless to stop his car from crashing into the park fence. Veronica was thrown ten feet away and very nearly avoided being crushed by the giant hunk of metal, receiving only a few cracked ribs. Calypso, however, was not so lucky. He was carried forward with the car, then flung forward. He landed head first, and a sickening crack was heard. Skidding along more, Calypso eventually came to rest next to a fountain.
   Calypso and Veronica were both rushed to the hospital, and Arthur was alerted immediately. Even though he was in the middle of a meeting, he canceled it and hastily went to the hospital. Hours later, he was permitted to see Veronica. She was crying and babbling incoherently about how her little boy was terribly injured and how it was all her fault. It took Arthur hours to calm her down. By that time, a doctor was ready to give them a report on what had happened to their son.
   Calypso had multiple, large scrapes all over his body and had lost the use of one eye, although they didn't know if it was temporary or permanent. Serious head trauma from being flung head first in the ground had resulted in major head trauma, as scans had shown. If he were to wake up, he wouldn't be the same. The areas of his frontal lobe responsible for thought and reasoning has been damaged, as well as the areas for behaviour on his temporal lobe. Calypso would have an entirely different personality, and would most likely either become an invalid, or have trouble distinguishing between right and wrong in just about anything would be damaged. any intelligence he had would be near obliterated, they said.
    Veronica wept bitterly at the news, mourning the "loss" of her son. As far as she knew, she'd never have her little boy again. She cursed herself for not being there all those times, for drinking when she could've been spending time with Cally. Arthur was also very torn up about the news, but hid it well. He vowed to become the most successful man in the world in memory of his child.
   Over the next five months, Calypso remained steadfast in a coma. His eye had become infected, and they had to surgically remove it. Besides that, nothing changed with him. Veronica fell into terrible drinking habits, taking up actual beers now, and even the occasional bottle of vodka. Arthur became an overnight success, becoming a pioneer in medical drug use. The mansion they lived in was strangely... empty though, without their white-haired son sitting on the couch reading or practicing piano.
    It was shortly before Cal's fifth birthday it happened. Veronica became pregnant once again. Overjoyed at the news, the two rushed to the hospital to tell their son he was to become an older brother. Even though he was in a coma, they'd been told he could hear what was going on around him. To their immense surprise, they found their son sitting up in bed, eating a plate of pasta.
    Outraged they weren't called the minute he woke up, Veronica and Arthur confronted the nurses and doctors. They responded with he'd literally just woken up, as if something momentous had happened. None of them knew exactly how, or why, he'd just suddenly gotten up. So far though, he'd yet to say a word to anyone, and was incredibly weak.
    The first words he said after waking up were "Hiya Mom, Dad! What'm I doin' here?". Obviously, this freaked them out. After further observation, they noticed many strange things about Calypso. He moved with a sort of slightly-faltering gait, but with perfect posture. Almost as if he was stuck between knowing nothing and remembering everything. The biggest difference was his change in attitude. Cally was ridiculously happy all the time, and was never quiet anymore. He was loud, couldn't sit still, and had a large abhorrence to learning any kind of, well, academics. Arthur did not approve, but dealt with it. Veronica had stopped drinking due to the baby, and reminded him every day that Calypso was now mentally disabled.
    He did, however, have an intense interest in his father's hobby. Hunting. Hospitalized for several months even after he woke up to recover, Calypso wanted only to hear about his father's latest hunting trips every time he came. Seeing it as the only way to quiet his overly excitable son, he regaled him with tales of his hunts, present and past. And for a while, all was well.


    On the day of Calypso's fifth birthday, he was allowed to go home so long as he was stressed out in any way and had weekly check-ups. Veronica was three months along, and feeling the full effects of pregnancy for the second time in her life. Being around familiar surroundings made Calypso slightly calmer, but not overly so. Ever so slowly, he was transitioning back into a somewhat-normal life.  He'd already become accustomed to having lost an eye in the hospital.
   When Veronica hit six months of pregnancy, Calypso was well enough to begin his lessons again. This time, they focused on behavioural and ethical teachings though, along with continuing piano lessons. Cally seemed to have retained most, if not all of his lessons about how to properly greet people, be a gracious host, and other such things. What upset Arthur was that he chose to not do it, thus the behavioural and ethical classes.
    What amazed the two was actually Calypso's excellence in piano. before, he'd had serious problems with moving all of his fingers at the same time in different ways quickly. Now though, it seemed almost effortless for him to play long, complicated pieces, like flowing water. Quick and nimble, his fingers seemed to glide over the ivory keys. They entered him in professional rehearsals, in which he was met with praise and recognition. For all the wrong reasons in his father's eyes though.
    People were astounded that he could play so well after his accident, not amazed just because he was a good player. Deciding no son of his was going to be praised for a disability, Arthur decided to teach him how to hunt. Veronica was strongly opposed to it, saying it wasn't a good idea with Calypso's mental state and age. Arthur brushed her off though, and taught Calypso everything he knew about hunting. Thus was born Calypso's obsession with elimination.
     He loved that thrill he got when he was hunting. The tracking, the chase, the shot. It was like he came alive in those moments. Over the period of a couple months, Cally became an expert marksmen. Soon though, simply hunting animals wasn't enough. He wanted to fight, to battle, to eliminate.
     Veronica saw this intense desire of his as a danger to her and her unborn child, so she decided to do something about it. With Arthur's consent, she began to teach him basic human anatomy and how to do some basic medical "operations" a five year old would need to know. The way she saw it, if he was going to hunt, he better learn how to heal too to balance out the darkness of death with the light of life. He didn't absorb it very well, but he got the gist of it.
     Lypso was five-and-a-half when his little brother was born. He a mix of his father's dark brown hair and his mother's light blonde hair, making it a russety red-brown. Both his father and now his brother were set apart from most of the rest of the people in Finland with their darker coloured hair. Most people had light coloured hair. Alex also had a strange mix of his mother's brown and his father's green eyes, making them some sort of inbetween colour that Calypso absolutely despised from the moment he saw them. Calypso was fascinated with the little thing, amazed by the fact it even lived. Every time he looked at him though, he couldn't help but feel different. His moonlight-white spiky hair was from neither of his parents, and he wasn't sure where it'd come from in the first place.
    With the arrival of Alex, Calypso was forced to recognize how different he really was. Every time he went near Alex, he was shooed away by his mother and told to not bother him. When he went to his father, he was often working and didn't spare a second glance unless it was time to go hunting. The maids were constantly helping with everything, like he was some sort of invalid. He wasn't anything like that! Still, he couldn't figure out why. He was only five, for heaven's sake.
    As Alex got a little bit bigger over the course of a few months, Calypso was told more and more often to stay away from him and to go play. But who was he to play with? His father was nearly always working, and  whenever he wasn't he was spending time with mother and Alex. Calypso was shoved thoroughly to the sidelines.
    His solution to this was to take long walks around the mansion, at exactly the same time and in exactly the same way every day. A slight OCD habit developed because of this monotonous task he did every day. That helped nothing though. It only made him messier, having neglected everything else in favour of perfecting his walks. Just like always, this didn't make Arthur happy.
    The day he found Alex alone in the living room was the day one of his greatest enemies would be introduced to him. Wary of being reprimanded by his parents for getting near his little brother, Cally stayed on the edges of the room, wondering where his parents were. To his surprise, they returned soon after with a backpack full of all sorts of colouring utensils, some pencils, and a few other things. They informed him he was to start this thing called "Kindergarten", and would be learning with a group of other kids. Not foreign entirely to the concept of school, Calypso pouted the whole way to the elementary. Even though Kindergarten would only last three-ish months for him, he still wasn't happy.
    Lypso grew to quickly and insanely despise Kindergarten. He already knew everything they were being taught, and his uniform was itchy and uncomfortable. Plus, there were the bullies. His reputation, apparently, preceded him. Everybody seemed to think he was dumb as a brick. No matter what he did to try and make them like him, it always backfired. Distraught and confused, when he was corned one day he didn't even know what was going on.
     The biggest bully in the class had cornered him as he was walking to the spot his parents usually picked him up at. Cally had begged him to go away and leave him alone, but that only spurred on harsh words and cruel remarks from the bully. He felt hot rage boiling up in his center, and warned the bully one last time. His legs were shaking in barely constrained rage, although the bully took it as a sign of fear. He moved in to punch him, and Cally kicked a spray of woodchips at him. One landed in the bully's eye, and he screamed out in pain.
     An insane grin cracked onto his face after that first scream. it sounded so... so... beautiful! Picking up a long woodchip, he rushed the bully and stabbed it through his eye with a wet squelch. Without meaning to, he eliminated the boy. Running off before anyone could see, Calypso grinned. That was the single most thrilling thing he'd ever experienced in his life. He loved it.
     The news spread like wildfire the next day. An elementary student, murdered in cold blood as he was leaving school. A rich elementary school student to boot. Calypso acted horrified, but on the inside he was grinning. No one even knew! Nor would they ever. Too many people could've touched that woodchip for them to even try to figure out who the last one to hold it was. They'd even said so.
      There was another, rather unintended effect of the murder. Calypso was pulled out early, and was now to be home-schooled for the rest of his forseeable future. Which meant no annoying classmates, no stupid teachers, and no snail pace curriculum. Calypso smirked. If this was the way things like that worked, he'd need to start discreetly eliminating people more often. Which of course, he would eventually start doing. (What did you expect, dear reader? That he'd just up and abandon his bloodlust?)


    Three months had passed since the day of his first elimination. He'd religiously kept track, ticking away at the time, the day, the week, the month. Lypso was testing himself, to see how long he could go before he had to do it again. And he meant had. Veronica had him go to counseling, thinking he'd been deeply traumatized by the event. She was never sure with her son anymore, not since the accident. He used to be so easy to read, just like his books, but now he was more like one of those chapter books he liked to read; They seemed simple, but often had a big plot twist at the randomnest of times.
    Still, it was his birthday today, and they were throwing a surprise birthday party for him. It was, of course, veronicas idea. As a way to try to reconnect with Cal. Arthur had taken him out to town to spend some time together, and she, the house staff, and a one year old Alex were all hiding with the lights off. A large strawberry cake with buttercream frosting and blueberries decorating it was in the kitchen, just waiting to be eaten.
     The subtle click of the front door unlocking was their clue to get ready. The minute Calypso has walked in, they all jumped up and shouted "Surprise!". Arthur stood there with a barely perceptible smile, and Calypso openly gaped. Soon after, he shut his mouth and ran around to all the house staff and hugged them, before finally slowly approaching his mother. She called to him, and he inched forward a little more. He saw one problem with the picture: Alex was in it. Glaring at the boy clinging to his mother, he felt a stab of hate and jealousy. It wasn't fair Alex got all the attention and love. It wasn't fair!
    Alex had to be safely secured in his high chair before Calypso could come over and hug his Mom. Faking a smile to hide his sour mood, Calypso hugged his mother tight. She was supposed to be his Mom, not some other kid's mom. And if Calypso had  a say in it, that'd be how it was. Everything would go back to normal once Alex was out of the picture. That's how things worked, right?
    Before they went to get cake, Calypso got three presents. One from his father, one from his mother, and one from all the house staff who had pooled their money. Ripping excitedly through the packaging, Calypso first uncovered his father's present. It was an engraved silver 9mm pistol. Eyes glowing, he looked up at his dad. He couldn't seriously be giving him his own gun so he could go hunting out in the woods near their house, could he... ?
     A slight nod from his father was all he needed as conformation. Calypso did a mini happy dance, saying thank you over and over and over again. Soon enough, he calmed down again. He doubted anything could top that gift though. His mother, being so out of touch with him, had gotten him something basic: an electric blanket. Confused, but thankful, he set it off to the side.
      Now, to understand this next part, one had to understand the position of a member of a house staff. They couldn't directly interfere with their bosses, but gifts were ok. Gifts had to be acceptable though, which made some trips to the "Boss Bubble" very, very dangerous. However, since Calypso spent most if not all his time with the house staff, they knew him very well. Well enough to understand that he was by no means mentally disabled, and likely never would be. Their gift had been cleared with the bosses though. Both of them thought it might help Cally.
      Using their knowledge to their advantage, they'd pooled their money in order to buy Calypso.... a frisbee. Confused as heck, he looked between them and the frisbee. Then all of a sudden, he flipped the frisbee over. Inside the rim were rolls of money, and a picture of the word 'DOG'. He could've fainted then and there. He was going to get a dog?! Overwhelmed, Calypso's little brain decided it was a good time to cease functions. Before his head remotely got near the floor, he was caught and laid down on an already prepared couch. Arthur had been expecting such a reaction. He liked planned out things quite a bit.
    Roughly fifteen minutes later, Calypso woke up. Before going to look for a dog species that Calypso would like at the pound so they could get a purebred later, they all decided to eat cake. It was a sheet cake, as large as a door. Calypso had never had blueberries before, and was happy the cooks had remembered his berry love. His parents rarely, if ever payed this much attention to him anymore. At least on his birthday he got some attention, instead of that no-good Alex.
      Calypso knew the minute he went to bed his parents would stop caring about him again. Of course they would. Alex was the special child, the "undamaged" child. He was just the failed extra everyone took pity on because he had been brain damaged. It made him sick. He didn't need anyone's pity! Someway, somehow, he'd make his parents notice him. Make his father notice him. Veronica noticed him, but for all the wrong reasons. He didn't much care for her anymore.
      Once the cake had been cut up, Calypso made a show of his very proper manners. Or at least, he tried to. It wasn't exactly a noticeable thing. Being a proper set up though, he had a cake spoon. Which was more than Alex was doing. He had already mastered walking at talking by Alex's current age, and he was still babbling nonsense and crawling around. Was he an idiot or something?
      After a brief rehearsal of "Happy Birthday", everybody dug into their cake. Take a bite of the delicious cake, grinned, before shutting his mouth. Those are bad manners, he thought to himself. Finishing off the corner of his cake, Calypso came upon a blueberry sitting roughly in the center of his slice of cake. Scooping it up with his spoon, he promptly ate it. Crunching it in his teeth, he found the taste to be rather sweet, but a little bit tart. Swallowing, he was about to move on to eat more cake when he felt it.
     His eyes were beginning to water a bit, and he felt almost sick. All of a sudden, he felt nauseous, and wanted to throw up. His breath came in short rasps, and he felt bloated and puffed up. Through a tiny field of vision, he could see the world swaying back and forth around him. Before he knew it, he was hardly breathing, struggling to get air in and out of his lungs. The last thing he remembered was someone crying out his name.
     Next thing he knew, Calypso was in the hospital. His stomach ached, and his throat burned. As per the usual, he had a massive headache. Except this one felt... different. Strange... he... it was almost like a fog surrounded his brain. He could sort through it, but not without a good deal of difficulty. The hospital room he was in was pristinely white, and it hurt his eye. There was only one coloured thing in there, and that was the face of his mother. She was staring at him anxiously, waiting.
     "Mother... wh.. ere.. am... I..?" He struggled to move his tongue and mouth to form the words, which frustrated him to no end. It made him sound like an idiot! It was probably just some medication messing up his senses, to help him relax. Looking to his side, he did in fact see a needle. That was probably it.
     "Oh Calypso... How far you've gone..." Confused, he tried to reach for her, but found he couldn't. Why? Why not? A glance down held the answer to his predicament: His arms were wrapped tightly in a straitjacket. "Moth... er... why... am... I... i.. n... a... strai... t... ja... cket?" He questioned, still staring at it. A heavy sigh brought him back to the present.
      "You don't remember... after you fell and hit your head, you were very nearly not breathing. You have a deadly allergy to blueberries Calypso. We rushed you here, but on the way, you... tried to fight against anyone but the house staff."
       Calypso wasn't so sure it was the best idea asking anymore. He didn't need to know he'd hit his head again. That could mean his speech could be stuck like this forever! That couldn't happen for him to be able to succeed his father! Panicking slightly on the inside, but concealing it, he quietly addressed his mother. "Wi..ll.. you... u... ta... ke... it... off?"
       "Sure honey," she murmured, before walking over to him and unclasping all the hooks on the jacket. Sliding it off, she set it down on the table next to him. Calypso rubbed his arms, happy to be able to feel and move them again. They were slow though, and more often than not stopped altogether before jerking forwards.
        "Mo... ther... am... I... dr...ugg..ed?" His mouth felt like it was filled with cotton. He hated the feeling, that weird terrible feeling of slowness and jerkiness at the same time. Lypso was starting to feel rather tired though, tired enough to want to sleep again. But he couldn't sleep. sleep was for the weak, and he was anything but weak. He had to be strong to win his father's affections, and falling asleep in the middle of conversation was not exactly strong.
        "Go to sleep Calypso. I need to go check on Alex," Veronica said, looking nervously at the door. Immediately, he felt an intense spike of hatred falre through him. That stupid prick was in his way again! Would it never end?! How dare he... how dare he... Cal would have to find some way to dispose of his brother, and soon. He was getting in the way.
         He could tell that Arthur liked Alex more. He may be dim, but at least he wasn't injured and 'imperfect'. Like him, with his stupid wrong coloured glass eye and the lack of a doctor's decree of 'steady mental condition'. It wasn't fair, it's not like it was his fault!
          Thinking about ways to eliminate his brother from the competition, Calypso slowly faded back to sleep. Not before he noticed his mother had gone the minute he'd spaced out though. Of course... Of course. Why wouldn't she? She wasn't his mother anymore. She was just Veronica. Just Veronica...
      A few days later, Calypso was released from the hospital. His parents, at home with Alex as he'd been told, were busy trying to get him to take his afternoon nap. So Lypso had been picked up by their most trusted butler, Sebastian, and their most trusted maid, Clarisse. They were told to take Calypso to a special dog training facility that specialized in matching sniffer dogs up with kids with allergies. Apparently, they had a few dogs for nearly every kind of fruit-based allergy available there. Thus the name, Fruity Pups.
       Personally, Calypso thought it was an absolutely ridiculous name.  Fruity Pups? You might as well scream stupid and cute. He didn't like or want stupid and cute, he wanted smart and strong, or intelligent and fast. All he could hope for was that there was some form of decent dog in the blueberry section at this place.  
       After arriving there with Sebastian and Clarisse, the first thing he noticed was that there was nothing remotely fruity about that place. It smelled like disinfectant and clorox, and everything was either white or slate gray. Clutching the frisbee with the money in his pale hands, Lypso let Sebastian hoist him up to eye-level with the lady at the counter.
        "My name is Calypso Vatican, and I'd like to purchase a blueberry dog," He stated firmly, holding out the money. The receptionist looked surprised for a moment, before glancing back at Sebastian and Clarisse. They nodded, and she stepped out from behind the counter. Her white hair was in a tight bun, and a form-fitting suit and skirt in a dark gray was her attire. A pin on her chest had the logo for Fruity Pups and the word "Staff" beneath it.
      High heels clicking, she led them away towards a section of closed double-doors. Opening it, a cacophony of barks, growls, and howls assaulted his ears.  Wisely, Clarisse had brought small earmuffs for Calypso's ears. She knew he was sensitive to loud sounds, as a part of his 'brain damage'.
       After a very long walk, they came to a small door labeled 'blueberries'. Apparently it was a bit of an uncommon allergy in this area of the world, so they didn't have many dogs ready for it. However, the moment Calypso walked in, he knew the one he wanted.
       Five dogs rolled around on the floor together, nipping and biting eeachother's ears playfully one. One was a chunky Saint Bernard puppy, mainly white with a few large dark brown spots here and there. Cally thought he looked a bit like a fat, chubby baby cow. It acted like one too.
       The second dog was a lean, skinny Italian Greyhound. It's thin, wiry frame could reach speeds of up to 25 miles per hour, one of the fastest dogs in the world besides the Greyhound. It had a sort of tortoisehsell coat, a mix of dark browns, light browns, and blacks with white socks. Alert, it seemed a bit jumpy, reacting somewhat violently to the playful attacks at it.
       The third dog was a Kalb tel Fenek, black overall with a russety brown tipping most of its frame. It was attempting to play with the Italian greyhound, which showed it was a little bit on the dull side. Calypso didn't like that. He didn't  like it one bit.
       The fourth dog was an American Eskimo Dog, an uber fluffy pure white dog. Lying on the floor, it was attempting to take a nap, but the fifth dog kept messing with its every attempt. It was very calm though, lying there as if nothing had happened or was happening. Most of the other dogs had turned towards him by now.
        The last dog was a monster of a dog, easily almost Calypso's own height.It had a mainly silvery gray coat, with darker patches here and there. He was ambling around slowly, messing around with the other dogs. A Russian Bear Dog. That was what Calypso wanted. A powerful hunting dog, who for a time, he would actually be able to ride since he was so skinny and light. It didn't look too kind, but it didn't look too harsh either, and his coat was showmanship quality. Russian Bear dogs were also known to fierce guard dogs, attacking people they didn't know more often than not.
        "These are our only blueberry sniffer dogs. They are all purebred to the finest degree, and have no mutts at all mixed in. Showmanship quality, they are trained to bark and pull their owner away if they smell blueberries in a room about to be entered. All of them are eight months of age currently, and have had all their shots. They have also been neutered or spayed, as such distractions as breeding could cost the life of their owners. In addition, they are housebroken completely."
        Calypso was hardly listening, for he had eyes only for the Russian Bear Dog. His name would be Ivan, he'd already decided. "The Russian Bear Dog. I want the Russian Bear Dog," He said immediately after the lady was done talking. There was very little for him to think about when buying him, for he knew it was a him. They had the room, the capabilities, and the money to care for a dog as large as he would become.
        "Certainly," The lady said with a boy, before taking a vest that said "Service Dog" on it along with some other things and beckoning the Russian Bear with a few clicks of her tongue. He came over immediately, and stepped into the vest as he'd probably been trained. It was red, with black edges holding it together. A strong, thick, black cloth leash was put in his hands by the lady. Clicking his tongue like she had, Ivan came over to him. Rubbing him on the head with a smile, Calypso immediately started chatting with the dog. He seemed to understand, nodding now and then and growling lightly other times. All the way to the pet store across the street from Fruity Pups the two continued their strange conversation.
     Once they exited the car, Ivan's training came over. Before he allowed Calypso to enter the door, he pushed him back a bit then went in himself. After a brief bout of sniffing, he went back to stand by Calypso's side. Safe. Clarisse and Sebastian applauded silently while carefully standing on either side of Calypso to prevent him from straying into walls or shelves. His awkward way of walking made him do that sometimes.
      All throughout the pet store, Calypso and Ivan roamed. First came basic things, like a hard and soft bristled two side brush for his long, thick fur, shampoo, conditioner, a wide burnt orange collar, and some steel food and water bowls.
     After that, two very large bags of puppy chow were unsuccessfully tried to be put on the cart by Calypso, but all he ended up doing was near squashing himself. If Sebastian and Clarissa each hadn't taken one, he'd be a pancake right now.
     Then came the toys. Calypso, being a hunter, bought him all manner of animal shaped toys. Ducks, squirrels, rabbits, quail, and even a tiny deer were among the things he got. An enormous dog bed that would be needed in the future was also added to the cart, on top of everything else there was. Lypso also got Ivan some large bone chews, as near-forever-lasting treats. The only thing Ivan actually picked out by refusing to let it go was a hard, unchewable version of a a weird twisty shape.
       After buying everything else and loading it into the car, Sebastian came back into the store to see Calypso using a bit of the leftover money from buying Ivan to buy a dog tag for an engraving machine. It was a silver circle, plain but effective. On the front was 'Ivan' in big letters, and on the back was Calypso's name, address, his parent's phone number, and a line that said 'Reward: $500'. Both of them were astounded by the little boy's intelligence. What a perfect way to make sure if he got lost, he'd get him back.
        Arriving back at home with his new dog, Cally was greeted by the expectant faces of his parents when Ivan finally let him in the door. Veronica looked somewhat pleased already, probably from the sniffing thing, but father was eyeing Ivan carefully. A nervous jolt went through Calypso. What if father didn't like Ivan?
     "Calypso, is that Russian Bear Dog?"
     "Yes father."
     "A purebred?"
     "Yes father."
     "Yes father."
     "You made a fine choice Calypso. I'm proud of you."
     Beaming, Calypso uttered a small thank you before beckoning to Clarisse and Sebastian behind him who were holding all of Ivan's belongings. Running up to his room with Ivan still on his leash, Calypso was still grinning broadly as he went into his room. There was one little problem though. His prick of a brother, Alex, was dead asleep in the middle of his bed. The smile melted off his face, to be replaced by a hard grimace. What was he doing in his room?!
      "Set Ivan's stuff up in the corner," Calypso muttered to Sebastian and Clarisse as he turned around to walk back down the stairs, "I'm going outside to play with Ivan." Passing around his parents, he headed outside through one of the far back doors. Stupid Alex. He ruined everything.
       Five months passed after that, and the weather started turning from hot and sunny to cool and cloudy. Calypso was soon undergoing school again, much to his displeasure. His parents had decided it was time for him to give it another try. Now in first grade, his only contentment with the situation was that Ivan got to go with him everywhere, due to his status as a helper dog. If anyone threatening so much as got within five feet of him, the dog would scare them away easily. Ian was now very much taller than Calypso, but not terribly so. With some time, Calypso would be about at his shoulder height, then after that, head, until he eventually became taller than him. "That'll be the day," Cally thought to himself as he kicked some stones around on the playground. After last year, all the woodchips had been replaced by some weird melted plastic mats. There were still plenty of stones around though. "Hey Ivan, do you like being here?" He questioned the big dog, still kicking some stones around. Heard only to him, the dog replied, "I don't like. Too many people. Many Dangers." "Ya, I thought you wouldn't like it," Cal muttered, before suddenly punting a rock off. With no one to play with, he seemed cold and distant and cruel to all others around him. If only they got to know him though, they'd see his fun-loving energetic side. If only...
    The bell for recess to be over rang, and Calypso completely ignored it. Between Ivan and his supposed mental disabilities, he got away with near everything. And he hated it! He never got in trouble, he never got scolded or yelled at or corrected when he was doing something wrong, they just let him do it wrong! What was wrong with this school? Cally was just as capable as anyone else in this godforsaken school, why couldn't anyone else see that? Heck, he was a freaking musical and hunting prodigy!
     Well, those weren't exactly academics, but they still counted! Just because he couldn't walk quite right and had trouble remembering stuff and was a bit talkative sometimes didn't mean he was stupid! normally he wouldn't care, but he was among his fellow peers here, the people he would dealing with and possibly employing someday. Impressions made back in the younger years were crucial, he'd learned from his father.
      Weeks passed, with Calypso starting to feel more and more distant from his family. Alex got more and more attention, while he was left with Sebastian, Clarisse, and Ivan more and more. This strange holiday that the people across the sea celebrated, Halloween he believed they called it. Weirdos... Either way, it gave him a chance to go eliminating~ For authenticity purposes, his mother had allowed him a pair of tiger claw chakrams for his black ninja wrap costume. Grinning, Calypso headed out with Ivan to look for a victim.
      Roughly an hour and a half and bags full of candy later, Calypso finally came across someone who just slammed the door in his face the minute he saw him and his dog. Growling, he clicked at Ivan, who sniffed the door before backing up a bit. Satisfied, he turned to the big dog and pointed at the door. "Enemy." Immediately, Ivan threw his entire body weight against the door, knocking it down with a little effort. The startled old crotchety man inside could only stare in shock. Laughing evilly, Calypso pulled his two chakrams from off of his back. "You better make this entertaining for me, old man," He said as he walked nonchalantly towards him. "I don't much like being bored."
      As expected, the first thing the man did was attempt to call 911. "Oh no Mr. Man, I can't let you do that!~" Calypso said in a sing-song voice before throwing one of his chakrams. It sunk into the mans flesh and he was reaching for the phone, making his fall down yelling. "Bo-oring," Calypso said, rolling his eyes, "I want to hear you scream!" Cally shouted, before ripping his chakram out of the man's hand. Glaring at the little boy, the old man quickly gave him a backhanded slap to the face that knocked him down. Grinning, Calypso Stood back up. "Now we're talkin! C'mon old man, gimme a fight! I haven't gotten a good elimination in forever!"
    Valiantly, the old man fought against Calypso. Sort of. Calypso not only had weapons, he also had youth on his side. Both of which the old man didn't have. He attempted to grab a lamp, but only found his hand stuck through with a chakram once again. "Nu-uh-uh~". Oh how he was growing to hate that voice. A sudden sharp pain on his other arm brought him back to reality though. Lifting up his right arm, he saw... nothing. A stump was there, tendrils of flesh hanging off it and blood pouring from it freely. The old man sent the impulse to wiggle his fingers, but nothin g happened. A part of him was missing. His hand was missing.
    "My hand... my hand... my hand my hand my HAND! WHAT DID YOU DO TO MY HAND?! THIEF! THIEF!" He cried hysterically, backing away from the little boy in a ninja costume in front of him. A light laugh was echoing around his house, rolling through his head and rattling around in it as his vision blurred slightly at the edges. The laughing stopped as suddenly as it had started, to be replaced with a happy, but dark voice. "My name is Calypso Vatican, and I'll be your executioner today~" it said gleefully, before the man felt his chest ripped into by the two chakrams, one going horizontally and the other going vertically. As his vision started to blur, the old man vaguely heard what sounded like clicking and the sound of heavy footsteps. The last thing he remembered before his soul passed on was a heavy snuffling sound and an emptiness in his abdomen.
    Calypso stood off to the side surveying his work. Blood was splattered around nearly everywhere, but nobody would care. They'd think it was all just decoration. Nothing could be DNA traced to him, but Ivan was another thing. In order to make sure it seemed like they'd stumbled across this place and Ivan had investigated on his discretion, he had him push some things around in his ripped out belly to get blood and stuff on it. Besides, that could be passed off as investigating for blueberries. Pulling out a small vial of blood he'd taken from some random homeless person he'd seen on the way here, he splashed in into Ivan's jaws and had him shake his head. Putting the stopper back on the bottle, Lypso carefully stored it inside of a hidden compartment in his ninja costume.
    Going to the man's bathroom, he washed off his charkrams until they were sparkling before heading back to Ivan. Who was... eating some organs. He was't entirely sure how he was going to explain that... "Does he taste good Ivan?" He asked, genuinely curious as to what his own species tasted like. "Yes. Like iron and salt and fish." "Interesting..." Calypso murmured, before clicking at Ivan to follow him and leave the corpse behind. He had a very frightened and traumatized phone call to make to his house. This'd get him out of that freakin school and back to his piano lessons for a while...
     Clutching onto Ivan's leash as if he was deathly afraid of something, he walked in a stumbling freezing gait towards a house roughly a block away from where he'd been. Knocking on it's door, he faked shaking. As soon as it opened, a portly woman in her late forties  wearing a chef's costume with bouncing light blond curls ushered him indoors. "Oh you poor thing! What happened?" She inquired, unaware of who it was she was talking to.
     Still faking his shaking, Calypso slowly took the hood off his head. Anyone within the city knew who he was, who didn't know really? The shockingly white hair, giant dog, and mismatched eyes were dead give-aways. When she recognized him, she gasped in surprise. A Vatican was in her house?!
    "I... t-tried... to.. *hic* s-save h-*hic*-him," Calypso sobbed, "B-B-But I-*hic*I was.... t-too l-l-late *hic*!" Lypso was flat out wailing by now, spurring on this intense grief by imagining something happening to Ivan or Sebastian or Clarisse. The lady, after some more time trying, was unable to get more than those first two sentences repeated out of him. Thus so, she phoned up the police. Who phoned up Calypso's parents. Which ended up with there being a whole slew of people at this lady's house, and her becoming a sort of legend among her neighbours after the night had passed. Very few people managed to meet all members of the Vatican family in one night... very few indeed.
    But Calypso knew that she really hadn't met his family. Just Clarisse and Sebastian, dressed up in Halloween costumes with masks. His parents were probably too busy with Alex right now, teaching him the fundamentals of trick or treating within the mansion grounds. They knew about him. There was no way they didn't. It really hacked him off to know that his parents just dismissed this as some sort of fit. Well, they'd see soon... Because if that's the way it was going to be, then he'd make sure his parents never forgot him again.
    Still pulling his traumatized act whenever questioned, Cally eventually was taken to the police station along with his 'parents'. After some time he 'calmed down' enough to tell them his story. A very much made-up one, but a convincing one.
    The story Calypso had concocted went something like your average martyr type thing. He'd been out trick or treating on his own, something not entirely unusual, but a bit problematic because of his age. Happily, he'd gone up to the next house on the block he was on. The problem was, he'd just barely rang the door bell when someone had walked up behind him and tried to drag him off somewhere by posing as hid 'dad'. Ivan tried to help, but his leash had caught on a loose wooden board from the porch. The man at the door was about to close the door, when he heard Calypso crying out for help, saying that this wasn't his father. The old man had then rushed out and grabbed Calypso himself, ushering the boy inside. Fake father had ran after him, intent on taking him back from the old man. Old man whipped out a gun though, and tried to shoot him. With his old, shaky hands though, he dropped the gun.
     That was when the real trouble started, according to Calypso. He'd hidden behind a chair in the corner, calling for Ivan with his clicks. Meanwhile, Old man and Fake father were duking it out. Fake father had an obvious advantage, being younger. Old man pulled a very nice looking engraved knife off the mantle of his fireplace though. Valiantly, he tried to stab the other man assaulting him. Every time though he missed, which gave Fake father a chance to steal the knife, and cut him to shreds. The man had turned to Calypso, covered in the Old man's blood, and started advancing on him. That is, until Ivan suddenly burst through the door and attacked the man savagely. After that, he'd run off. Ivan had investigated the dead man, before coming over to check up on him. Calypso had clung to Ivan for quite some time, before they'd finally left to go find some help.
     By the end of it, Sebastian and Clarisse were near about to explode. To think that someone would attack Master Calypso in such a matter... it was simply outrageous! Absolutely ridiculously outrageous! Sebastian was also outraged and Mr. and Mrs. Vatican for not actually being here when their son so desperately needed them! They'd passed it off, passed him off like some old, broken down toy that everybody was sentimental for, but was only kept around as a reminder. looking over at Clarisse, Sebastian saw the same thing in her eyes. Solemnly, they both vowed to do whatever they could possible to make sure Calypso was noticed by his parents more often.
     All the way back home from the Police Station, Clarisse held Calypso and rocked him back and forth. They'd tuck him into bed after dressing him into his nightclothes, then wash off Ivan. His parents would be informed later. The major storm that would happen when they found out was something they wished for him to avoid.
     After sneaking up to his room, Clarisse dressed a shaking Calypso in his pale orange night clothes. Sitting next to him on her bed, she dismissed Sebastian to go wash off Ivan. Stroking his head softly to calm him, she sang him a lullaby very softly. (I tried translating it elsewhere, I really did! I'm so sorry for this.)
Sofa þér núna, ó barn mitt
Sofa þér í jötu þinni
Sofa meðan vindar vetur mun væla
Sofa þú öruggur frá hættu

Sleep þér þegar dimma groans ís
Frost og eldur nálgast
Sleep þér þegar kyrrðin moans
Sleep þér ekki óttast

Sofa þér vel og sofa þú lengi
Fyrir lífið mun yfirgefa þig þreyttur
Sleep þér enn og sofa þú sterkur
"Til að heyra mig ekki lengur

Þú heyrir mig ekki lengur

Sleep you now, oh child of mine
Sleep you in your manger
Sleep while winter winds will whine
Sleep you safe from danger

Sleep you when the dark ice groans
Frost and fire nearing
Sleep you when the silence moans
Sleep you with no fearing

Sleep you well and sleep you long
For life will leave you weary
Sleep you still and sleep you strong
'Til you no longer hear me

You no longer hear me

(Traditional Icelandic Lullaby, it has a very creepy past.)

     By the time she was finished, Calypso was dead asleep. Clarisse smiled. When he was just a babe, she'd often sneak in here and sing this song softly when he was having trouble sleeping. That's how she knew it would knock him out near immediately. Brushing some hairs out of his face, she stood up and walked over to the door. Opening it, she came face to face with the pale brown haired Sebastian and Ivan. Her own pale blonde hair swished behind her as she led Ivan over to his bed. Exiting, she headed downstairs with Sebastian to await Master Arthur and Master Veronica. They had much explaining to do.
    It was some time before Masters Arthur and Veronica finally got around to seeing them. They'd been so busy attending to Alex and attempting to get him to go to sleep, or actually do anything. Alex was nearing age two, and yet he still was having problems focusing or doing anything at let alone above average for his age. It disappointed Master Arthur greatly, but Master Veronica didn't seem to mind so much. She probably liked this lasting feeling of innocence that Calypso had just... lacked when he was younger.
     Masters Veronica and Arthur had sat in their respective armchairs in front of them, as they stood there waiting. Arthur stared them down intently, while veronica kept glancing back at Alex's room.
     Sebastian, what was wrong with Calypso?" Master Arthur inquired, perfectly aware that something had happened. He could see it in the way they fidgeted, shifting from foot to foot ever so slightly, even if they appeared as if they were perfectly still.
     "Masters Arthur and Veronica, it is a very long and very disturbing story. In short, someone attempted to kidnap the young Master Calypso, and he was saved by the efforts of one old man and Ivan. The attacker has yet to be found."
     All was silent for a moment. Arthur stared ahead in shock, and Veronica held a hand up to her mouth as she openly gaped. Both knew Sebastian would never lie to them. It just... wasn't possible for him to in their mind. Arthur was astounded that someone would make an attempt on his family, especially his prized son. He had had high hopes for Alex, but he was going nowhere soon. After tonight, he'd decided to refocus on Calypso as it was. In secret from his wife, ever since the accident he'd had his scientists working on a brain restoration drug. It was very tricky business, very tricky business indeed. If it worked though, he would have his perfect son back. After only a few months worth of intense tutoring, he'd be back to the level of intelligence that Arthur expected, no, required of his old son.
     Veronica was the first to snap out of her daze though. Standing up abruptly, she snapped at Clarisse, "Clarisse, I want you to hire bodyguards for Alex. He is to be guarded at all times whether or not Arthur or I are around. Set our best investigators to find the perpetrator of this crime. Also, make a thorough investigation of the backgrounds of all currently employed under us. Arthur, I demand you state to the news that when this attempted kidnapper is found, if he is to lay a hand on our Alex, I will have him receive capital punishment."
     Everyone was openly staring at Veronica. She had just very obviously made it intensely clear that she had a mind only for Alex. Alex this, Alex that. For the first time, Arthur realized how utterly alone and abandoned Calypso must've been feeling. He'd thought Veronica had been attending to him too, like a mother should. If Calypso had been neglected thus far by both his parents, he could be seriously wrathful towards them. That would destroy any and all plans he had towards him!
     Standing silently, Arthur pushed Veronica back down into her chair. Startled, she stared at him inquisitively. "Dear?" Turning his back to her and sitting back down, Arthur stared at her coldly. "Veronica, have you been neglecting Calypso?" Arthur only had to look at her downcast eyes to know she had. This could ruin everything he'd been planning for! All of it, down the drain because of his idiotic wife. Even he knew children needed attention, no matter how much they seemed to disagree with it or how disagreeable they were to be with.
     Rubbing his temples, Arthur glared at Veronica. Frowning, she looked away from his gaze. She knew he couldn't stay mad at her, but his rage was scathing while he was. Turning his gaze back to Sebastian and Clarisse, he gave them his own instructions. As head of the house, his were to be followed before his wife's ever were.
    "Sebastian, I want you to pull Calypso out of school and find him a psychologist who can pose as a piano tutor. Hire a bodyguard for Alex, and have the dog, Ivan, be trained in the arts of attack and defense. like my wife suggested, do a thorough background check for all the staff here at the mansion. After that, I want you to head down to the police station and tell them they have our full assistance in locating the perpetrator if we can offer it. Clarisse, you are to watch Calypso at all times, and those around him. If you spot anything strange, inform me immediately."
     "Yes Master Arthur."
     "Yes Master Arthur."
     The two said in unison, before bowing and heading off to do their respective jobs. Veronica then went to check up on Alex most likely, while Arthur went to his study. He had some... business to attend to.

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