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-The Courtyard-

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-The Courtyard-

Post by Zahnt on Thu Jan 01, 2015 10:56 pm

The lovely Courtyard of The Mansion of the Twilight's Terror.

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Re: -The Courtyard-

Post by The Keeper of Silence on Fri Jan 02, 2015 12:28 am

The young man, who had been slowly approaching the mansion, stopped in its lovely courtyard. His visible eye monitored the area, scanning for any signs of the undoubtedly splendid owner. Nothing so far. His eyes narrowed slightly, and as he did so, a hushed mechanical-sounding noise spread around in a small ripple around the man. The nearly silent tap of a claw against the concrete followed a second later. The man looked down to see Brutus, his brown and cream Caucasian Shepherd dog. A smile spread across his face and his eyes widened slightly as he laid a hand on the dog's head. It wasn't an exceptionally far reach, as that specific breed was a larger dog. And...well, this man wasn't exactly tall either, as he was usually matched in height to most women he met. He turned his head back towards the mansion. A cool breeze ran through his black hair, blowing the striking yellow tips of his bangs away from the eye he preferred to keep covered. "Careful now, wouldn't want to give that away too early" he said, as if speaking to the wind. One could guess that he was somewhere of French influence by the somewhat noticeable accent of his voice. He reached a hand up to adjust the gray and black plaid bandana-style scarf around his neck. As he did so, the leather of his tight-fitting jacket and gloves creaked quietly. "Let's go now, doggie" the man said in a cheerful voice, giving the canine an open-mouthed smile. The gray pair on converse shoes the man wore moved in sync with Brutus' paws as they both advanced towards the mansion.

Once they reached the door, both paused. The man used an arm to gently pull the dog against his leg. "Hush now...I am the Keeper of Silence, and that silence must not be broken." The man's whisper had the characteristics of a phantom. His ear was soon at the door, searching the silence for any sign of the owner. He knew they were here; he had noticed a black motorbike outside the mansion. With no other sign of whoever lived here, the man stood back up to his not exactly impressive full height. "Let's go, doggie" he said, and gingerly put his hand on the doorknob. Slowly, the man turned the knob, pulling it gently in his direction so that it would result in a lower level of noise. With the same gentle motion, he pushed the door open. With the current view he had, there was still no trace of the owner. The man took a swiftly silent step inside, and examined what he could not have seen before. Nothing. A smug grin flashed onto his face. "We're in, doggie" he whispered, quieter than silence itself.

-To The Entrance Hall-

The Keeper of Silence

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