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Calypso ~ Oh So Fab

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Calypso ~ Oh So Fab

Post by Calypso on Sun Nov 23, 2014 11:16 pm



I live because I can. I eliminate because I can't. See, that's how society works. It's all fine and dandy to 'live' within the parameters they set. But boundaries like that will never hold me. I found that thing that made my life worth living, and I'm never letting it go. I won't let them win.
-Calypso Vatican, Age Eight

Welcome Guest!~ I see you were attracted by my fabulous~

Name: Calypso Vatican
Nicknames: Cal, Cally, Lypso
Age: 14
Gender: Hmmm, lemma check... let's see, I think I'm male. If not, I've been lied to my whole life.
Birth Date: April 13th, 2000
P.O.B: Kuopio, Finland, specifically where Puijo Tower would be.

Blood Type: AB-
(Previous)Rank: Captain
Breed: Folf. Fox-wolf mix
Ethnicity: Nordic
Heritage: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden


Coat Length: 2 inches
Pelt Colour: A ruddy reddish-brown
Eye Colour: The left is green, while the right is blue
Markings and Designs: Dark circles around his eyes, gray underbelly, throat, and the bottom half of his face, white tipped tail, darker coloured ears, and a red spot on his back
Scars and Scratches: Pshhh
Wolf Build: Lightweight and slim


Eye Colour: The left eye is a dark shade of green, and the right a teal-ish shade of blue. His right eye is also a glass eye, and can be described as turquoise in some cases.
Hair Colour: Surprisingly, pure white. It almost shines in the moonlight it's so white. Thus it's name, moonlight white.
Tall and Skinny
5' 3" (160 cm)
93 lbs (42 kilos)
Scars, Scratches:
Plenty reallllllllllyyy reaaaaaallllly tiny little scratch scars
Tattoos: He has strange, tribal-looking mixed with calligraphy markings tattoos. There's one that spans from his upper left shoulder to his elbow, with a few small extensions under his elbow on the same arm. On his right side, he has the same pattern on his lower arm, almost like he had on a pair of wrist guards. Calypso tries to keep them covered, as seeing them brings up painful memories.

Shirt: Orange t-shirt. Nothing much.
Jacket, Vest: He has a trademark red hoodie, although he tends to not wear it when he's headed somewhere dirty. He likes it too much. The outside is crimson red, and the inside a dark gray-black.
Back: A strange device secures two rounded circles with very sharp edges to Calypso's back. Easily accessible, these weapons are called chakram.
Bottom: Calypso usually wears dark gray or glay shorts, pants, or capris. He isn't a huge fan of form-fitting pants, so don't expect to find him in anything like that willingly. Tucked into his waistband for easy use is a silver gun(refer to weapons)
Black converse, with white laces and toes.
Jewelery, Weapons: No jewelery, but again, his chakram. He uses them mostly as glorified throwing stars. But much cooler. The type he uses are dragon chakram. In a set of two, he can fight with them in his hands up close if he has to, but he prefers not to. Hand-to-hand combat isn't one of his stronger points. He's also got a silver 9mm pistol he keeps in his waistband in case he ever needs it. If Calypso ever pulls out his gun, someone is dying, and its not him. Calypso never misses his shot. It can only be deflected. Not dodged, not missed, not off. Only exactly where he aims it to. Times he actually pulls it out are few and far between though.

Personality: Calypso is ADHD, and is very high energy because of it. Impulsive, bull-headed, and not much of a thinker, Calypso gets into trouble A LOT. He isn't stupid though, and he understands order, responsibility, and respect. He was a Captain in the army, years ago, but was CLASSIFIED, causing his early career drop out. It may seem strange that he got so far so young, but there were few laws or restrictions that far to the east. He simply had the want to be a Captain, so he worked his way to being a Captain. Lypso also had the necessary skill set to be able to make it up there.

Calypso is fiercely loyal to his friends, Kimatori and Aymin, but he's slightly delusional. He can often be seen arguing with his rabbit in what seems like a one-sided conversation. besides this, he seems perfectly normal. Elimination is his insane joy, and he absolutely loves playing with his victims before getting to the elimination part. If Zahnt would let him, he'd probably drag some unfortunate soul back to the mansion every time he went out so he could "play" with them for days on end before he finally eliminated him. Perhaps it's an aftereffect of his time being CLASSIFIED. Perhaps it's not, and he just now has the resources to do it.

Overly friendly, Cally will talk your ear off if you let him. For periods of time he can control himself, but not forever. he needs some way to vent all his excess energy, or a certain someone is going to be trying to chop off his head. However, this makes it rather easy for him to consider just about anybody his friend. Anybody he considers a friend, he protects with his life.

Cally has a deep-woven hatred of society. Because of his past experiences of it, he has come to objectify it as 'them'. No one but Calypso himself is quite sure who 'them' is, but he'd never tell. Such memories are locked deep within the vaults of his mind, never to surface beyond his brain. If they ever did, Calypso would be dying. Or close to dying. Or thinking he was dying. You get the picture.

Secrets are, surprisingly enough, one of Calypso's strong points. Lying and secret-keeping come very easy to him, so much so that he sometimes lies when he means to tell the truth. He's dug himself into many a hole this way. However, he makes it a point to try to never lie around superiors he actually respects.

Being raised by a rich and very strict father, Calypso was expected to be able to do many things. Although he acts like he has no manners or anything of the sort, he's actually quite proficient in things like that. He has a fun mode, which he's in a majority of the time, and a serious mood. Good luck getting him into a serious mood though.

An interesting thing about Calypso is that he's a piano prodigy. He has over 200 different pieces memorized, and can sight read any other piece perfectly. As he's grown, Cally's even composed a few of his own pieces. It is very rare for him to see a keyboard of any kind and not play something. It's literally an obsession for him. His hands itch, his gaze is drawn to it, and an insatiable want to create music thunders through him. It can only be assumed this incredible effect is due to years of thievery and the head trauma Calypso has suffered affecting his brain.

Likes: Calypso is a huge fan of pasta and bread. He'll do just about anything to get one or the other. Kimatori and Aymin are the only two animals he especially likes, and Cal enjoys running quite a bit. He is insanely curious, so investigating new things is another thing he likes. Playing tunes on the piano is a BIG like, as is elimination. But those two are obvious. Lypso is also a fan of strawberries and basically any kind of berry but blueberries. He's near deathly allergic to blueberries.
Dislikes: There isn't a whole ton... Society, mostly. He hates blueberries, not being able to play the piano or keyboard whenever he sees on, and any sort of alarm clock sound freaks the living **** out of him.

Strengths: Calypso is a master at using the chakram, which means he's agile and flexible with very loose wrist joints. His reflexes are also very high, from demand more than practice. From years of traveling, Calypso isn't picky about what he eats, what he looks like, and what the conditions are. This means he's highly adaptable to the situation. He is an amazing tracker both in and out of him folf form, and could live for weeks out in the wild with no problem. He's stubborn to a fault about some things, which can be a good thing and a bad thing. Lypso is also a master thief, able to nick anything from under the nose of someone with just a simple walk by.
Weaknesses: Due to his chosen weapons and strategy of running if caught pilfering, Calypso is not a good hand-to-hand combatant. Sure, he's decent. He has to be, to be able to use his chakram efficiently. Anybody who has more than intermediate level hand-to-hand combat training would pound him into the ground if they went against each other. His stubbornness, as before stated, can work against him as well as for him. Cally is also very weak physically, having only as much muscle as needed to allow maximum agility and flexibility.

Habits: Moving parts of his body in a specific symmetrical pattern, keeping a beat somehow
Talents: Calypso can shapeshift. Isn't that enough? No? Well he's a piano prodigist, an expert marksman, and a survivalist.

Parents: MOTHER- Veronica Vatican || FATHER- Arthur Vatican
Siblings: Calypso had a younger brother, Alex.

Crush: -
Mate: -
Pups: -

Best Bud: No one really, but he greatly admires Zahnt, although secretly. He seems him as the ultimate Eliminator, the one to be.
Friends: Kirith, Kimatori, and Aymin

Enemies: "Them", Alex, 'The Other Guys'

The first one is always the best, and the one you should refer to.
The others are either ones I did because I was bored, or because
I was bored. Being as fabulous as me can get
tiring sometimes.


Look, a puppy me! Wait... kit? Kuppy?

The image at the top of the page is a young Calypso, about age eight.
Below is present-day Calypso. The last two are teenage versions, and
the second is a chibi.

Calypso and his best friend from the army, Erik.





Extra: Calypso sometimes wears black gloves, often fingerless.
Extra: Calypso can't cook. Or clean. Don't ask him to do either. You won't like the results. ALSO, Calypso walks, runs, and moves in general very strangely. His posture is perfect, even when he's not thinking about it. However, he leans heavily on his left foot, and has a three-step gait. Stepppp-drag-step. Stepppp-drag-step. His right foot drags along the ground at the front, before stepping at the back.
Themesong: Me Against The World

This is a basic outlining of his life year by year, and it'll become a story... eventually. It becomes more story like the older he gets so i can start actually developing things. It's posted separate, since its too long.

Name: Kimatori
Nicknames: Kima, Tori
Age: 5 cycles
Gender: Male
Species: RABBIT


Coat Length: 1 inch
Pelt Colour: Many shades of brown
Eye Colour: Black
Markings and Designs: None, but he has dog tags like Calypso and silver bangles
Scars and Scratches: None so far
Build: ... Rabbity


Personality: Kimatori is sort of a grump. He gets upset at Calypso easily, but also becomes happy with him again easily. Kima just can't seem to hold a grudge towards Calypso. He likes being pet, snuggled, and being warm. Also, apparently, messing up Calypso's fabulous hair by sitting in it.
Likes: Vegetables, Calypso
Dislikes: Aymin licking him, getting wet, meat
Strengths: . . .
Weaknesses: Everything
Habits: Whapping Aymin with his ears for licking him


Extra: Kimatori's favourite place is Calypso's head


Kimatori is a seemingly immortal bunny Calypso found when he was nine. Just a little tiny bunny, it had been abandoned by it's mother for its strange white spiky hair on the top of its head. Taking him home and feeding him, Cally named him Kimatori, and the two are near inseparable. Cal states that Kima can talk, going so far as to point it out to others whenever he does. However, no one else besides Calypso seems to hear Kimatori. It can only be assumed that this voice is a figment of Calypso's slightly delusional imagination.

Name: Aymin
Nicknames: Ay, Min
Age: ?
Gender: Male
Species: ?


Coat Length: 2 Inches
Pelt Colour: Orange and gray-blue; white ears
Eye Colour: Purple-brown
Markings and Designs: Oddly secondary fur colour
Scars and Scratches: Two scars on his shoulder
Build: Uhh... foxaayyyyy


Personality: Aymin is a very quiet, stoic fox. He isn't very hyperactive, and he likes to take his time. However, when Calypso is in danger, he can make split second decisions on whether to attack or stay put. The little fox is more like a tag-along to Calypso than he is a partner or companion(kind of like a cat).
Likes: Being pet, licking Kimatori, hunting
Dislikes: Getting wet, someone touching his scar(is sensitiiiiive)
Strengths: Teeth, claws, fast feet
Weaknesses: He's a FOX. Who is going to die from being attacked by a fox?!
Habits: Licking Kimatori
Talents: He is very swift, and he has a rather strong jaw force. Once he grabs on, he won't let go either.


Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Best Bud: Calypso
Friends: Kimatori
Enemies: Any enemy of Calypso's.


Aymin is a fox Calypso found wandering around the mansion. Where the scars on his shoulder came from, he doesn't know. Besides that, there isn't much else to him besides his strange colouring that Calypso has to go off of as to where he came from and what species he is.

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Re: Calypso ~ Oh So Fab

Post by Calypso on Mon Dec 01, 2014 6:45 am

I, uh, totally remastered this. Is it... any good?

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Re: Calypso ~ Oh So Fab

Post by Zahnt on Mon Dec 01, 2014 1:14 pm

Omg...I just couldn't help laughing at that "foxaaaaay" xDD Tis beautiful!! ^^

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Re: Calypso ~ Oh So Fab

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